The value of the Moon Sign
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The disposition of the Moon while the period of your birth clears the inner life of every identity. For instance, it can clear why two individualities with the same Sun sign differ so strongly from each other.

This sign, house location and phase shed much light upon the emotional state, balance, habits and instincts of the identity.

Moon Signs in a Birth Chart

What value has the Moon Sign in a Birth Chart?

The Moon is in a novel asterism every two days or so. Its disposition on the Zodiac wheel in the moment of your birth is your Moon sign. Search for the lunar demilune to figure out this sign and the house disposition and so, you will find out all its meanings.

The Sun and the Moon
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The manifestations of the Sun and Moon, when they are in the same sign.

This means that you possess double powers that initiate a harmony and an intensification of the sign's indications. For instance, all strengths and instincts of those born with both planets in Taurus will enjoy the uttermost balance and cooperation of all traits of this sign.

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The clue in the relations of the Sun and the Moon in astrological meaning.

The Moon is utterly vital for us to cope with lots of different things in our daily life, because understanding all of its indications we will realize our inner wishes. The struggle of action and emotions can be figured out through this very sign. Understanding it, you will know better how to interact with other individualities.