2020 will bring us 2 supermoons, 1 blue moon, and 13 full moon phases

Lunar eclipse 2020

2020 will bring us 2 supermoons, 1 blue moon, and 13 full moon phases

In 2020, according to astrologers, we should expect two supermoons. October will surprise us with two full moons, with the second one being a ‘blue’ moon right on Halloween. Quite spooky, isn’t it?

Even though blue moons cannot be considered a rare lunar event, since they appear once every 2-3 years, but they are truly rare on Halloween. The next similar Halloween blue moon can be expected only in 2039.

What should you know about a Supermoon?

When the moon’s orbit is closer than usual to the Earth and the moon’s phase is full, it creates a supermoon. Usually, supermoons are approximately 30% bigger and lighter than a regular full Moon.

There is no one definition of a supermoon in astronomy, and people will mostly ignore this phenomenon, since it is not that recognizable to the regular eye without a telescope. However, commonly, the full moon is considered a supermoon if it is around 223 thousand miles away from Earth. 226 thousand miles away might be categorized as a supermoon as well.

Anyway, 2020 will bring two supermoons for sure. The first one should appear on 9th of March, while the second one will show up on 7th of April. So, don’t forget to take a look at the night sky on these dates. The second supermoon that is in April will be the biggest and the brightest one this year.

Scientists state that two supermoons and one blue moon will light up the night sky this year.

Make sure to mark down all the supermoons in your schedule in order to witness this magnificent natural event.