Amazing Facts about the Moon (Part 7)

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1. If we take 500 million years in future, the Moon will be 14,600 miles more distant than it is nowadays. In this case total eclipses will disappear.

2. Until the middle of the 17 th century people were unaware of the other moons of all the planets. After it became revealed, people decided to capitalize the name Moon.

3. A full Moon is approximately 5x brighter than a half-Moon.

4. Back in November 2009, NASA claimed the discovery of the water on the Moon that may hold a potential to create a space station on the Moon. The water dates back to billion years and can reveal the secrets of the solar system.

5. Thomas Harriot was the first person ever to draw the map of the sky in a very natural way, as though you look at the telescope. It was in the 16-17 th century.

6. The surface of the Moon from the far side has firmer top coat of soil than the near side. There is no official reason for this, but the scientists tend to the version that the near side is more exposed to the gravity and the soil is softer.

7. From the astrological point of view, the Moon represents the inside world of the person. The Moon sign refers to a person’s feelings and inner contemplations. In Western astrology, the Moon is a symbol of maternity, fertility, and the sun is a symbol of father’s energy.

8. A lot of cultures all over the world have folk stories about the man in the Moon. The man was locked in the Moon because he stole something and it varies from nation to nation. Some of the versions tell that he stole our satellite itself.