Born on a full moon

Cat, full moon

The Full Moon is often associated with an increased level of emotions and aggression among people. Some people even become hysterical or believe they are wolves. Though it is highly unlikely that the Full Moon will turn you into an animal, people born under the Full Moon are more exposed to emotional fluctuations than others.

During this phase, the Sun is directly opposite the Moon, which leads to a conflict in your Sun sign and Moon sign. Being born under the influence of the Full Moon means you might be going through continuous struggles with what you want and what you should do. Your heart and mind are in discord. There might be a feeling like you are missing out on something. In the worst-case scenario, you will have a lot of desires all at the same time, but you will be unable to fulfill anything. So, people around you might think of you as superficial or not persistent enough.

However, in some cases, it can turn out good for you, because people can perceive you as spontaneous, creative, interesting, or extraordinary. In cases where you need to act according to contract or as expected, surely your inconsistency can become a problem.

If you try to eliminate being too emotional, it can only hurt you. You might become dull and ineffective. Usually, if you were born under the Full Moon, your life is a cycle of rhythms from low to high. You feel nature and feel internal changes in yourself. You can reach your maximum potential if you learn to manage your rhythms and adjust to it. It will make your life more balanced and will soften the harshness of your personality.