Extraordinary moon facts

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6. Strange Compounds. The amount of the infusive or refractory elements on the Moon′s surface is so great that some of the scientists concluded that these rocks were delivered to the Moon by the ways that cannot be detected. But it is a fact that the origin of the Moon′s rocks is foreign.

7. Internal Craters. The crates on the Moon could be not only due to external damages, but also through internal ones. However, the origin of internal craters is doubtful, as there is no approved evidence that the Moon has or had ever had high temperature inside to create craters.

8. Abnormal Metals: The moon′s surface is considerably harder than assumed. Do you remember the extraordinary situation the space travelers experienced when they attempted to penetrate into the maria? The maria are mostly made of illeminite: a mineral that has a lot of titanium, a similar metal used to manufacture the frames of deep reaching submarines and the skin of the SR–71 “Blackbird”. U 236 and Np 237 were presented in lunar rocks, as well as unexposed to rust iron particles.

9. Mascons: Mascons can be identified as huge, thick, masses, shaped like circles or bull eyes that lie under the Moon′s maria. Mascons are the centers of gravity concentration. They are placed not randomly but in specific maria, which seems to be organized by some form of intelligence.

10. Moonquakes. Every year scientists observe the activity of the surface and the soil of the Moon. It is strange that every once in a while the Moon has certain ‘Moonquakes’ that are not related with meteors or other celestial objects that fall on its surface. Back in the early 60s, the astronomers from Crimean Astrophysical Observatory made a picture of the eruption of gases on the Moon. After this eruption scientists observed strange orange glow for little bit more than 1 hour. It was near the Alphonsus crater, while in 1963 near the Aristarchus crater scientists from Lowell Observatory also saw orange glow. Later, it turned out to be the regular process on the Moon, as such glow continued to appear from time to time, like somebody controlled it. Still, the nature of this process is unknown.

Extraordinary moon facts

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The Moon has no magnetic field itself, so imagine how strange it is that the rocks found on its surface are actually magnetized. The Moon is quite an old satellite, even older than we've thought. There is a probability that it is older than both the Moon and the Sun.


Moon Craters

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Craters on the Moon appeared due to the celestial bodies that collapsed into its surface. The craters are named after the famous scientists and people who made something great on Earth.