Full Moon in the 4, 5 and 6 Houses

full moon in the 4, 5 and 6 houses

Full Moon in the Fourth House

Recently, you’ve been focused on everything but yourself. It is time to change that. Your career is going to be ok; people around you can wait for a bit. You need to focus on yourself and your own real needs. Your personal life demands attention when the Full Moon is in the 4th House. It is important that you maintain inner balance and balance at work. If you do not put yourself first, you are risking becoming too tired and indifferent in the near future to do anything. An issue related to house, ownership, or a relative can arise during this period.

Full Moon in the Fifth House

Recently, you’ve been postponing pleasures, fun and things that make you happy. Now the time is due, and you have to find some time for yourself. It’s hard to keep this balance and find time for everything. But, without letting your hair down and really relaxing, you cannot go on like a machine forever. Your mechanisms should be oiled. Focus on self-expression, creativity and having sincere fun. You might feel a strong desire to do something crazy in relationships, like reveal your feelings to a new partner. Also, there will be a busy time related to your kids.

Full Moon in the Sixth House

The Full Moon in the 6th House is all about changes and starting from a blank page. You might feel a strong urge to change your job, hairstyle, to start going to the gym, or take a new absolutely unusual course for you. In case it involves other personal planets, or should this be an eclipse, the more complicated or dramatic your desires for change will be. However, you don’t have to tell everyone about your desire to start all over again, especially if you had a plan that worked perfectly fine. You need to avoid personal conflicts and drama with others. Remember, you are the only person responsible for your actions. Not anyone else. This emotional current can be used as an energy to do thing you always wanted but never actually had time to do. If you want to change something at work, start small: from changing your interior, building new contacts with people you didn’t communicate much to doing something truly good that is in your power. Actually, start exercising if you were thinking about it and have never started. It is a period when the project at work starts showing results and the finish line is visible.

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