Moon Facts: Moon glow

moon glow

Sun light also influences the outgassing of the Moon’s surface, by releasing charged electrons that can fly more than a mile up. It happens during the day, while at night, there is an opposite mechanism. The atoms get electrons with solar wind and go back on the surface.

This way the moon dust also jumps up and down with the change of night and day creating some sort of sunsets on our planet due to the glow of the dust. This phenomenon is called ‘lunar horizon glow’, it was discovered during Apollo series mission.

It is absolutely unique and cannot be observed on Earth. It can be understood only if you realize the patterns of moon dust behavior, its charging and interaction with light. So, if the dust is really charged, it might cause some considerable troubles with space equipment. Moon dust is extremely harmful for equipment, and when it has a charge, it becomes dangerous.

Astronauts told that the moon dust has nothing romantic in it, it penetrates everywhere, is extremely small and sharp as millions of knives. We are waiting for more information from future missions, as moon dust turned out to be real, but not obvious problem that needs to be tackled in future.