Full Moon in the 1, 2 and 3 Houses

full moon

Full Moon in the First House

The Full Moon in the 1st House is associated with the fear of missing out. You demand more attention than usual, because you feel that your life took another path. You’ll need to evade overdramatic situations. Use this time to improve your own self-sufficiency. You are important, and you don’t need others to tell you in order to make it true. Reaching harmony between your self-sufficiency and the need for approval is the lesson of the Full Moon in the 1st House. It is the right time to focus on yourself now, but you shouldn’t zone out everybody else from your life now. The Full Moon in the 1st House will show whether you are capable of being a good manager or not.

Full Moon in the Second House

Full Moon in the 2nd House helps issues of love, control (or rights) and money surface. It is the right period to understand what situation is the most comfortable for you. It is important not only to share during Full Moon in the 2nd House, but to receive as well. It is a time of getting and sharing satisfaction. The issue of power distribution (this is yours and this is mine) will be very important, especially financially. You and other people will be confronting each other regarding control in different spheres of your life. The Full Moon in the 2nd House shows that you should choose yourself first, but remain decent in relationship with others.

Full Moon in the Third House

For the previous two weeks, you were feeling the need to escape from boring reality, to change something or freshen up. Now, it is time to get back to the real world. Checks should be paid, chores done, routine followed, queries answered, and so on. People around need you and your attention. You need to be alert, since an important document, call or situation is coming. The life will make you find harmony at work and at home through doing things you procrastinated about. As soon as you are done with the mundane, the fun stuff can start.

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