11 Secrets of The Moon

Moon, planet

Among all the other celestial bodies – the Moon is the closest one to us and in future we have some real goals and possibilities to visit it or to make a station there. However, though we’ve learned and researched the Moon in many different ways, it still keeps lots of secrets. Here we are going to speculate over 11 secrets of the Moon.

11 Magnetism on the Moon

Another mystery of the Moon is the absence of the magnetic field. Everything could be alright, if it wasn’t for the moon rocks that the astronauts brought as samples from the Moon. These rocks actually were magnetic. Their origin raised a serious question.

Later the researchers eventually found out that the Moon had had the magnetic field. However, the question why it disappeared is still relevant. Scientists have hypotheses about it. Some of them think that the Moon has an iron core that rotates. Other scientists believe the magnetic field disappeared due to the collisions with different space objects.

10 Moonquakes

The Moon has some internal activity that is followed by so-called moonquakes. The first three variations are referred to deep quakes that appear due to meteorites that hit the moonsurface or to the thermal influence. The fourth type is called ‘shallow’ moonquake and it is very tangible, applied to the Earth it is like 5-6 on Richter scale and can be pretty continuous and may cause the Moon to resonate.

The main thing here is that we don’t know the reason of moonquakes. The Moon doesn’t have any tectonic activity. Scientists believe that the moonquakes are connected with the tidal activity on the Earth. However, this theory is vague, as the moonquakes are localized, while supporting the theory the Moon should be having quakes all over the surface.