11 Secrets of The Moon (Part 2)

Moon, planet

9 The Planet Moon

There are talks around that the Moon may be classified as a planet. It is pretty big comparing to the other moons in our solar system. Due to its size, it’s not the Moon orbiting Earth, it’s both of them orbiting each other. There is a barycenter between them (the point both bodies orbit), which is situated inside the Earth. As the barycenter is inside the Earth, the Moon shouldn’t be identified as a planet. It is to be investigated in future.

8 Trash on the Moon

Humans leave their trace no matter where they are, even if it is a trash footprint on the Moon. Over the period humanity researched our satellite, approximately 182 kilograms (400 lbs) of our trash was left there. The trash is mostly lunar technology like probes and drones, but some human material trash from the astronauts also exists.