11 Secrets of The Moon (Part 3)

Moon, planet

7 Dream Come True

The person that contributed a lot into the investigation of the Moon and made Apollo missions possible is actually buried on the Moon. Eugene “Gene” Shoemaker was an astronautic genius who dreamt about the Moon, but couldn’t really fly there because of the health issues. However, his wish to visit the satellite came true after his death. His ash is now on the Moon, along with the moon dust, as a part of the universe.

6 Lunar Anomalies

Lots of pictures of the Moon are made every day. Sometimes there are some strange objects and phenomena seen on its surface. For example strange constructions that remind jars and towers. Here lots of people speak about conspiracy theories and even life on the Moon. Some say that there is a sign of the construction that is located just over the Moon’s surface. NASA gives no comments, and doesn’t even seem to care about such statements.