11 Secrets of The Moon (Part 4)

Moon, planet

5 Moon Dust

We think about moondust as about something a little bit romantic. It is even presented on the Earth, however on the Moon it is pretty dangerous. It is well-grounded, but very solid and can penetrate everywhere, as the gravity on the Moon is comparatively low.

Astronauts on the Moon had a lot of problems because of the moondust. In some cases it almost destroyed their boots, the visors were filled with this dust and broke down. It even penetrated inside of the astronaut’s suit and caused allergy or ‘moon hay fever’ if the astronaut had a mischance to breathe it in. By the way it smells like gunpowder. The moondust can be so destructive that the spacesuits and airlocks could breakdown completely.

4 Gravity Issues

Everybody knows that jumps of the astronauts on the Moon and it seems to be pretty cool and lots of fun. However the astronauts said that it can hardly be called so. The spacesuits are uncomfortable and the moondust is almost everywhere and the feet sank in it pretty hard 6” (15 cm).

Due to the low gravity, the human’s body is still used to the six times higher gravity on the Earth and every step is multiplied by six times which causes lots of problems, especially with inertia. The surface is full of craters and uneven places so if the astronaut tries to move faster there’s a great chance to trap into traumatic situation.