The Contradictory Studies: Water on the Moon and Its Location (Part 2)


Moon, water

The composition of the water on the Moon is different, according to the last study, and it is rather hydroxyl, another type of H2O, but with one atom hydrogen and the same for oxygen. Hydroxyl is very active, so as soon as it is possible it interacts with surface or with other molecules and sticks to them. That’s why the water on the Moon is not the same as it is on Earth, those on the Moon needs to be extracted from the surface or composites.

The previous study also indicates that the water is not stable on the surface and can move. If we specifically determine the way water moves all over the Moon’s surface, we can understand how much water comes to the cold gaps closer to the polar regions.

The water processes on the Moon are very important because it can answer the question of how long water can be stored and its source can reveal more information about the Universe and rocky bodies in general.

The source of the water on the Moon is still a huge question and lots of researchers have doubts about it. Hydroxyl and water seem to be created by solar wind that hit the Moon, however more viable theory is that the water on the Moon comes from the inside core of the Moon, surfacing gradually to the top. By the time of creation, the Moon could have had minerals and they stuck in the very core of the moon and the water is released step by step.

Some of the problems faced by researchers are really complicated, and in order to solve them, scientists need lots of tools and resources, information and samples from the missions.