Ancient life on Moon

The evidence of ancient life may be found on the lunar surface

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There was conducted an interesting conduction by Kent physicists. They wish to find out what would come out the launching into space a piece of rock that contains microscopic fossils from our planet and crushing the lunar surface.

Professor Mark Burchell and his professional team made a special simulation of such crushing. The simulation was pretty real because the scientist operated with precise facts.

The scientists simply altered the structure of the fossil-filled rock and made out of it a powder, which was combined with frozen water. This repeated the main properties of a true meteoroid. Afterward, the team placed the replicated meteoroid into a bag of water. They fired it with the assistance of a huge gas-powered gun. This gave the sense of actual launching into the orbit. The simulation included all necessary details, such as high pressure, speed and fast deceleration. The final outcomes showed that we would find such meteors with fossils of our planet.

It is interesting to note that this projected existed for a decade. Nonetheless, it has been finally brought to life. This incredible simulation proved the capability of such "explosion". In such way, the scientists wish to reveal how the life used to be on our planet millions years ago.

The perspectives of such projects are actually great and they deserve the right to the further existence. The idea is not only original but also reasonable. In the occasion, you want to learn more about the outcomes of this theory you can find it in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A.

Our solar system and the bodies in it has millions of secrets, which are of tremendous importance. If implementing such vital projects, we can answer a lot of them. Some of them may be surprising as well and accidently, they can lead to some other sort of discoveries.