Moon Axis

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At times, there happen some unexpected discoveries, which can be surely referred to the class of miracles. One of such was detected in one recent study, which revealed novice surprising fact about our moon. It went off its starting axis approximately 3 billion years or later ago. This information was gathered with the help of the lunar ice. It showed a slow axis shift by 125 miles. In other words, this makes 6 degrees, which are equal to 1 billion years. Accordingly, at first, the moon did not belong to the solar system. Thanks to this very "polar wander", it appeared here.

Matt Siegler and other scholars discovered this fact during the studying of the NASA data that was connected with lunar polar hydrogen. This element was discovered in the ice on the both northern and southern poles. Due to the direct affection of the sun, the ice melts down and gets emitted into the atmosphere. This evidence made the scholars draw a conclusion that its age reaches billions of years. In such way, the scholars suggested that our moon is older than we thought previously.

Due to this weird ice offset, Siegler decided to view the information that has been gathered by all NASA missions and compare them with novice evidence and theories. The proper and detailed analysis showed an interesting fact. The directions of the poles are completely opposite.

This exact opposition allowed defining that the axis of the moon was rotated from one pole to another and made not less than 6 degrees. This investigation makes sense.

This incredible discovery made a real mess amongst the most outstanding scientists. According to the novel discovery, the things that seemed to be known to us are not so firmly trusted anymore. The novel evidence should be used in other cases as well. Probably, we were mistaken about the origin of many other planets and heavenly.

Siegler made an interesting comparison with our planet. The heating induced a great physical shift of the poles. If transferring it on our planet, it would be similar to exchanging of the poles between Australia and Antarctica. That's pretty interesting, isn't it?

If you interested in this theory, you can find it in Nature and learn it more closely. This would allow you understanding all the alterations on the moon clearer. This would also help in understanding the similarity of our planet with the moon. It is another prove of the great explosion. Our planet appeared as a result of the gigantic explosion of the Supernova.

Only some heavenly bodies shift their axis

The axis is determined by their mass. The heaviest areas of the planet lean towards the equator, while the lighter ones towards the poles. Notwithstanding, there happen "polar wanders", which are a real phenomenon. It is characterized by a sudden shift of the planet mass.

The moon with its unconventional polar wander can be referred to a specific "club" of heavenly bodies that underwent the same changes. There are few planets that had the same mass shift. These are our Earth, the Red Planet (or Mars), and two moons of Saturn and Jupiter, which are called Enceladus and Europa respectively.

The major factor of mass shift is the Moon's polar ices. They seem to namely "paint" the whole path of the pole wanders.

3 Billion of Moon's axis shift

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The alterations on the moon were induced thanks to internal happenings. The moon's mantle was melted and bubbled up on the surface, which is similar to lava eruption.


Supernova iron found on the moon

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The origin of the Supernova involves a great explosion. About 2 million years ago, a grand explosion of such star has happened closely to our solar system.


Facts about the Moon

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Moon is widely known as the only satellite for Earth, and it is quite old - 4.6 billion years. Moon is always faced with the same side to the Earth, as both of them are moving synchronically.