Pisces Moon Sign

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In your search for perfection, you may become too aggressive. However, it's not your common behavior, but such are the influences of the Moon. Try to be kind-hearted and watch your temper.

Secrets and ambiguity

Within this period, Pisces-identities will plunge into the world of the unknown and ambiguous. The affection will reign now. Abnormal fantasy and over-sensual state will prevail. Looking for isolation will make out of you dreamers, but not realists.

Work and focus

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During this phase, Pisces-folks aren't capable to have proper focus. This is time, when lots of mistakes may take place. Try to avoid that. Mind that negative influence of your occupation also leads to multiple errors. Keep close only to positive people that are trustworthy and dependable.

Originality and sadness

You will be greatly predisposed for melancholy and sad state. You ought to take care about yourself and look for the peace and harmony within you. Such spheres as the arts, poetry and music can hugely help you in overcoming your difficulties. Even reading a book can aid. Don't forget to be original.


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There may be fungal and viral ailments. Escape taking alcohol and powerful medical preparations. This will secure you from the occurrence of multiple ailments. Try to avoid and postponed manipulations and operations in the areas of feet and toes.

Moon in Pisces sign at Birth

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These individualities are also very interesting and unique, as there is enormous ocean of emotions contained within their souls. They are very different from day to dat.