Moon Meanings

Moon Meanings and Moon Symbolism

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This section is dedicated to different illuminating qualities of this heavenly body from the prospect of philosophy.

During our life, we learn great energies of different origin: day/night, male/female, enhancement/reducing and so on. The Moon acts as the enumerator of the Sun and balances all unequal sides.

The sun is associated with male side of all the matters (yang). It guides us. Therefore, the moon is respectively the female manifestations of all happenings (yin).

It's a general association of both genders influences and values. They have their departures. Each nation and race has its own classification of the moon symbols. They tractate this symbolism each in their own way. There're different meanings of Native American tribes, as well as of African, Maori and many others. Each nation and race have their own beliefs.

Ever more interesting and attractive are the meanings of those forces and influences that control the moon. These meanings are commonly passive. Why passive? Well, due to the fact that though the moon is a luminary, it reflects light of the sun, but doesn't possess its own. It is mirror of the sun and thus, is the refection of our life deeds. This body symbolizes fineness, clarity and something of the kind. The sun is rather physic, energetic, ardent and even rough, while the moon is tender, delicate and soft. It involves our spiritual life and psychic capabilities.

You should know about the existence of definite words that determine the manifestations of this heavenly body. They have different symbolic meanings.



From the astrological point of view, this heavenly body represents Cancer and rules the intuitive realm based on the emotions and senses. It has congeniality with Cancer, is its clue leader and water symbolizes soul mates.

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The animal symbolism is associated with water and all its indications, powers and impacts. It involves all sea creatures and of course, those who have shells are in the first place.

Notwithstanding, its home does not end up in the sea, inasmuch as the moon is the queen of the night and it also involves nightly beings.

Here below, you will see a short list of lunar beasts that enjoy the dancing under rhythms of this body. However, the list is not full.

Beasts and their Moon Meanings


The trails of the moon can be noticed in different life matters and studies. For instance, in alchemy it is the aspect of silver. Knowing the teachings and meanings of alchemy, we can say that it is a representative of purity, clearance and splendor. Silver itself is utterly significant in different life aspects and has many meanings as well. Thus, the value of the moon increases ever more.

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There are also other sources concerning meanings of the moon, which can be found in mythology, ancient lore and different cultures. As it can be seen, the moon is very "rich" around the world.

It is related to various archetypes:

Artemis: he is a Greek goddess of hunting. He represents defense, revenge, childbirth and pudicity.

Diana: she is also a hunter according to the Greeks. When talking about romans,she's the mistress of woodlands.

Hecate: this one is goddess of night. She specializes in birth matters, various cycles, clearance and supermundane insight.

Thoth: this is an Egyptian god. He is a man, but represents the moon, which is of female origin. It has concerns with magical world, wisdom, knowledge, writing and secret indications. He is referred to Greek Hermes who is answerable for crossroads, as Hecate is.

Virgin Mary: she represents Christian beliefs. She's related to the novice moon and involves purity, innocence, peace, light, hope, harmony and fineness.

Kuan Yin: it's a Chinese mythology. She's the mistress of abundance, harmony, gentleness, purity and amiability. For Chinese folk, she is the housemother of childbirth and is also called a great healer. She is answerable for conversions and the souls of wanderers.

It's a brief list. Nevertheless, it is much bigger according to various cultures and religions round the world. The meanings were compiling throughout the entire history of humankind, and the moon embodies various values and powers.

You will also learn much more, if mastering the language of the Tarot. In these cards, the Major Arcana represents the Moon.

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Symbolism of Moon Phases

These phases are also important and carry their own values and influences.

Waning Moon: it means parting with someone or something, letting go of all kinds of things, as well as latent period and meditation.

Novice Moon: symbolizes the novel beginnings, rebirth, restoration and freshness.

Waxing Moon: represents development, succeeding, manifestations, achievement, accomplishment and pregnancy (in philosophical and textual meanings).

Full Moon: represents great power, the uttermost point of purity, completion and achieving the objectives.

The Native American Indians clearly understood the conscious behavior of the Moon and knew its nature. They indicated each completeness of the Moon, showing that they knew the specification and meaning of each month and season.

Moon Signs Meaning

moon signs, round

The moon signs are the representatives of inclinations and great potency that are within our nature and they are commonly darkened and wait time to come.


Moon Tarot Card Meanings

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The Moon Tarot can tell the entire story with the cards from the very beginning and up to the end in one flash only.