Full Moon

full moon

The peculiarities of the full Moon time

Lots of identities can feel the energy levels of the Full Moon. You should remember that this always means that the Sun and Moon are in opposite to each other. This is time for reinforcement and balance. Both opposites live in harmony at that time.

What is to be done?

Now, the Moon grows in its size and so, you should be prepared for action! Mind that there may appear the things that were previously unseen, but the afterlight has shown those uncertain themes.

Your task is to make them real. Your actions and your ritualsare the right way of reaching your goals.

What is the point?

Each month provides you with a nice opportunity to have a new start. The Moon grows and becomes smaller and these periods have great significance. We can realize the intentions, if we set them precisely when it is required and possible.

This is a possibility to remain in touch with all cosmic alterations, watching their developments and being part of them. The waxing and waning of the Moon is always on a move, which is chaotic. Every alteration gives a possibility to have a novel start.

What "intention" means?

Our life is on a constant move and our wishes and desires oftentimes change, as we change too.

Your intention is the thing that your wish to design in cooperation and co-creation with the Universe. Stay in touch with it.

Preparations for the Full Moon

Keep in your mind that every full Moon differs in its manifestations and the correct ritual can improve your chances of drawing your intentions. You can gather all the sacred objects with symbolic meaning to enjoy quicker success.

Time for celebration

When the Moon is in full phase, it commonly proposes to throw a nice party. Into the bargain, quite important people can enter your life at this period. Nevertheless, this may be a period of overly huge tension. Everyone feels the streams of great energies and there may happen unwanted events. Therefore, try to be watchful with your own desires.

The Climax and the "Reveal"

Keep in your mind that the full Moons are the end of this or that happening in your life. Everything has its end on every level.

Setting your intentions, we know that the Full Moon is the root, the very beginning of them. This is a turning point and a huge step towards our dreams. It's a high time to bring to life what you've been dreaming about and make it end. This is magic somehow, inasmuch as you have made real the non-existing things. If that is not magic, then what else could it be?

Full Moon Names

calendar, moon

The Algonquin and the Iroquois Confederacy are the eastern and northern tribes that founded the Native American full moon names.


Full Moons and Relationships

hearts, moon

The value of the Moon is utterly high, for this is the fastest body in cosmos, which plays a vital role in our everyday life.


Full Moon and Beauty Procedures

oils, flowers

Procedures for beauty may become more effective if they are organized in according moons phases' schedule.


Details concerning full moon effects

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Read more details concerning all effects and indications of the full moon: epilepsy, psychiatric visits, emergency room visits, surgery outcomes, pet injuries, menstruation and animals gone wild.


The Astrology of Full Moons and Relationships

full moon, heart

Individuals born under full Moon are people who cannot stay alone for a long time. They need a partner, a soul mate.


Full Wolf Moon

nature, snow, winter, white, night, morning

New Year’s Day is usually a time of fireworks, resolutions, and midnight kisses. However, this year we are able to see a Supermoon – the Moon in its full and amazing look.