Lunar Hair Care

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Astrology interested me for many reasons. I wanted to know how the celestial bodies and zodiac influenced our routine, our clothing choices, food preferences and character in general. However, I didn't know that I will find so many lifehacks during my studying. How the moon influences hair growth is one of them.

We all know that the Moon influences growth of trees and plants and many farmers use lunar calendar to plant and harvest. It is not new. But I was shocked to find out that the same mechanism works for our hair, as human is a part of the nature and also fall under Moon's influence. For example famous Farmer's Almanac forecasts the weather up to years according to the Moon and suggests when it is better for a person to cut hair to enhance growth.

Astrology is not that simple, but I will try to provide information that I've found in a simple manner.

How does it work?

The Moon due to its gravitational pull has an influence on the circulation of liquids on the Earth. It is related to plants, trees, tides and people as well, as our bodies are mostly made of liquids. Through the time people found out the pattern and how to use it effectively within the month cycle.

The full moon promotes fast hair growth, so it is thick, long and robust.

According to the theory, the powers of extension are especially effective when the Moon is in its biggest period - waxing. During this period it is full, bright and beautiful, it is almost a full moon. The hair cut during this phase will spin up hair growth up to the full moon.

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In order to remember, imagine an association with werewolf. Your hair will change into more powerful and healthier shape during the full moon.

If you want to keep your hair healthy, cut the dead and dry ends regularly. The same principle as for plants works for our hair: dead ends take away nutrients that could have been delivered to a healthier hair instead. It prevents and slows down the growth of the good hair. When you trim your hair during a full moon phase, it has more chances to become healthier and to grow faster.

During this phase our body and hair are especially sensitive to what we eat, drink and how we sleep. Also it is the best time to use external remedies such as balms, masks, oils, spays, conditioners etc, because they will be absorbed better.

The Sun transits through zodiac signs during one year. According to the position of the Sun at a particular time we say that someone is Taurus and someone is Pisces.

When it comes to the Moon, it is not as slow in the cycle as the Sun. It takes less than one solar month to make full circle through the signs. The Moon stays from one to two days at each Zodiac sign. During its cycle through the signs, the Moon finishes her lunar cycle and starts a new one.

When the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces (water) it is commonly believed that this period is the most fertile. Taurus, Libra and Capricorn are also in fertile team, though their influence is weaker than of the water signs. The other group of signs like Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius are mostly non-fertile and droughty.

When the Moon transits through a fruitful sign - refreshing, relief and restoration are encouraged. Dry signs are a good period to think about removals like depilation or laser (as no fertile energy supports the growth in follicles).

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Generally, the best time to get rid of unwanted hair is in a waning moon in Aries.

The best time to make a new hairdo and promote hair growth is full moon in any water sign.

Does It Work?

As for me, it was quite hard to keep up the lunar chart for cutting hair, because I really lack of patience. But as soon as I got used to it, I always have a pair of scissors so my friend, mom or hairdresser can cut off my dry hair just a tiny bit, 1\8 of inch during every full moon.

It is hard to say for sure whether it works or not, because in order to encourage growth our hair needs time, attention proper care and lunar cutting. But in my case I really kept up the lunar chart, even though I cut tiny amount of hair every once in a while, the quality of my hair and length improved so that I get compliments. I will continue using this technique, as it is a nice habit and I lose nothing. So maybe you should try as well and look at lunar chart next time you go to a hairdresser's.

Cut, Color and Condition by the Lunar Calendar

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Phases of the Moon are known to impact the way people behave and how they feel. Also they can really influence the state of the hair and styling routine.