Libra Moon Sign

libra sign

While this period lasts, Libra-identities should take a golden chance of reaching balance in their private desires and drawing the dear to them people ever closer.

Fellowship and social development

The social behavior should be surrounded with calmness and patience. You will be capable to easily create novel fellowships or improving the old ones.

Harmonious life

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Libra-folks will be greatly stimulated by the powers from the Moon. They will be reaching out for beauty, esthetic things and balance. They will try to bring everything to the state of harmony.

Trouble resolving

There will be lots of different benefits, as well as unwanted things. It is better to take serious decisions later. However, you should deal with the current troubles that can be resolved quickly. At least some things can be done right now.


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You'll be utterly successful at making novel business dealings and the relations with the companions at work will be good. This is a very favorable time for judges and lawyers, as well as for people of arts and culture. Social relations greatly improve for all Libra-identities who are open to them.

Family and privacy

family couple

Your domestic matters will be in harmony as well. There will be outstanding mutual understanding among all family members. It is also a very successful period for the initiation of novel romantic relations.


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Too great emotional tension lead to acid-alkaline imbalance. There may occur kidney ailments. It is recommended to escape any operations in the areas of kidneys, pelvic organs and lower part of the spine. Any manipulations and cures may be postponed.

Moon in Libra sign at Birth

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These individualities are elegant and very attentive partners. Their nature is refreshing and relaxing. They are known for being great diplomats.