Sagittarius Moon Sign

sagittarius sign

This is the most favorable time for brining to life novel ideas and projects. They have great chances to enjoy success. It would be helpful to listen more and speak less. Vital information can reach your ears.

Optimistic style and persistency

The Moon gives additional positivism and persistency to all Sagittarius-identities. The things that have been in a long planning can be finally brought to life. Expect success.

Constant students

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Never stop learning something more and new. Besides, help the others obtain novel knowledge. This will bring great benefits for you. Read, learn and develop yourself.

The widening of the horizons

There should be no surprise in a wish to move. These folks are always eager to advance and take trips. They cannot remain in one place and they get quickly bored. Outdoor activities is something that will help. It's a high time for recreation of physical and spiritual worlds. The travels to distant places have positive effect.

Effectual work

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During this period, your labors will be greatly rewarded. It is advised to use more your intellect and not to undertake physical work. You will slightly resolve different problems. Postponed all constructive and building works, as well as agricultural matters. There you will hardly obtain something good and worthy.


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While this period lasts, do whatever is possible to improve your respiratory conditions, as you are greatly predisposed for different ailments with lungs. Avoid smoking and surgery in the area of the thighs and veins.

Moon in Sagittarius sign at Birth

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These incredible and unique personalities, which namely shine with enthusiasm, are always in for fun and try to widen their horizons. They are utterly merry and cheerful. The fun is their second name.