Moon Landing Hoax

The Moon Landing Hoax Conspiracy

More than 36 years after, there is still evidence that the moon landing was a hoax (please read footnote below this text). Our lives forever changed on July 20th, 1969 not because there was any terrible event that happened here on earth but something amzing occurred in the heavens, when the first man walked on that astounding thing people had gazed at and wondered about for centuries - the Moon. Change was happening at the time in leaps and bounds; nothing seemed impossible. Some people still believe that man landing on the moon was a television trick, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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Shadows on the Moon

According to skeptics, the pictures that were sent back to us had shadows that illuminated from the lunar surface and this substantiated their theory that moon landing was a hoax. Their argument was that there couldn't be shadows in space and so it was a hoax. This view about the moon landing being a hoax comes from people who believe that the only source of light in the universe is the sun. The sun is not the only source of light on the moon, when you think about it; the lunar surface mirrors its own light which lights up everything on the surface. Thus, it is not true to say that moon landing was a hoax because of the shadows on the moon.

The Fluttering Flag

Another theory of the moon landing hoax has to do with the American flag. In the picture that was sent back, the flag was fluttering as in a wind. Some people who believe the moon landing hoax also argued that this proved that the picture was taken on earth and not on the moon. The fact is that there is no wind on the moon and the flag fluttering could give some degree of credibility to the belief that this was a hoax. Nevertheless, professionals who do not believe the theory that moon landing was a hoax explained that friction doesn't exist in a vacuum. Firstly, the Moon doesn't slow down as fast as they do on Earth, so when the pole and flag were planted and straightened by astronauts, the flag could have easily fluttered because of the movement. Therefore, it cannot serve as evidence in the moon landing hoax theory.

Driving the Rover

Many also claim that the pictures of the astronauts driving the Rover were proof that the moon landing was a hoax. However, proof that it really did happen was the speed of a film that showed the astronauts driving in the moon. Since moon dust returns directly to the surface, there were no dusts coming from the Rover's tires. Also, it was impossible to have staged this kind of environment in which to display a moon landing hoax in 1969.

Footnote: These supposed conspiracy theories can be a very heated topic. A third party contracted writer wrote the above article and is only suggesting some things to ponder in supporting the moon landing. Someday, this topic may be expanded. For now, if you want extensive research and detailed argument of the two sides, proof, or want to strike up a debate, you'll have to look elsewhere.

Facts about the Moon

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Moon is widely known as the only satellite for Earth, and it is quite old - 4.6 billion years. Moon is always faced with the same side to the Earth, as both of them are moving synchronically.


Apollo Series

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Apollo Moon project idea was firstly announced and implemented in the 60s-70s. Apollo spaceships had special rocket power, which enabled a possibility to slow down when they come closer to the lunar surface.