Moon - The Void of Course

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The Moon may make no sense. This period is also called "Void of the Course". It has no importance prior the alteration of the signs. To figure out that period, astrologists take into account the main indications, which are applying. These indications happen, when the heaven bodies get closer to one another until they reach the point of the contact. To explain easier, this is the occasion, when the body that advances faster moves slower than the body that advances slower, which interacts at the moment with it. (Mind that Moon is constantly the fastest one). For instance, the Moon will form applying aspect, or resistance to the Sun, in occasion, the Moon is 25 degrees Sagittarius and the Sun is 28 degrees Libra. As you can see, the quicker planet is at the lower degree. Thus, happens the opposition.

The Void takes place after the Moon does the last main aspect prior the sings' alteration. Following this opposition of the Sun, to the last aspect of the Moon, the later planet will get into the Void, having 26 degrees for Sagittarius until of degrees Capricorn. Consequently, it carries no importance. Though complex at first, reading it again, you will understand that the things are easy to get.

Accordingly, it would be wise to do the most significant undertakings in the period, when the Moon does not enter the Void. Commonly, all the things started in the period of the Void are fruitless, or strongly require great regulations and alterations. That is why, it is recommended to avoid doing really important things, which can afterwards cost you a lot. The consequences may be utterly bad. To cut short, the things that take place in the Void of the Course bring us "nothing". Keep this vital moment in your head and don't make such a mistake. In other periods, you can freely act and count on a great success.

What things you must not do while the Void?

Don't -
meet with identities with whom you wish to have long-termed relations.
go for Job interviews and present novel projects.
make great purchases (the things bought during this period may be useless or soon might be out of use).
initiate different business dealings and projects, as well as searching novel job.

Is there anything good in the Void?

Accomplishing the dealings that were initiated prior the Void.
Seeking for lost things, completing "to-do" lists.
Editing, reconsidering and refinement.
Social undertakings established with family and companions.
Escaping abundance.

Void of Course

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