New Moon

new moon

When the Moon is in a novel phase, the Sun and Moon are leveled in the Zodiac system. During such periods, the concentration of this sign reaches is the highest and hottest point. The novel Moon requires great attention and calls for undertaking novel things.

The novelty of the Moon means the most favorable time for the initiation of novice projects, helps developing creativity in all its manifestations. This is a high time for magic and cultivation everything that has concerns with it.

You will obtain support from your spirit, as you will be closer with your visions. You have to listen to them attentively.

Do you have to follow the Moon?

Tuning into the phases of the Moon, you will receive great chance to obtain additional energy. This is an excellent opportunity for you to begin from the clean sheet. This is time of the beginning and you cannot waste such a chance. It summons all your spirits for immediate action, which will undoubtedly end positively. You can gain a lot within this period.

Though life may seem to you overly messy, you can find the perfect balance. For that, you have to stop, concentrate and find that happy medium. Being filled with reverence, you will get in touch with life.

Just open to the energy of the Moon and you will be capable for a lot of things you never thought you'll deliver previously.

Getting for the Novel Moon

This is a nice opportunity to recall the days before the rising of the novel Moon. The things you wish to bring to life in your imagination are not the same, when you try this on practice. One of the most essential things for that is to affirm precisely what your goals are. At times, you may need to improve some personal qualities, and sometimes, you will require some advancement in career or personal life.

The differences of the Full Moon

The novel Moon has multiple manifestations and can be blank or possess empty qualities. Consequently, those identities that lack self-confidence may be frightened with it. It is not easy to put trust in the dark. This is a crucial moment, when we part with the common past and step into the unsure world of novelty. Nevertheless, the step is to be taken, or we'll never reach our goals and desires!

New Moon Rituals

hands, new moon

Rituals serve as the crucial moments in our life. Commonly, they symbolize alterations in life. There are candle and elaborate rituals.