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In occasion, you desire to catch the greatest prey you should start acting on the 5th of May, when there appears such natural phenomenon as "supermoon". On this day, the moon is much larger and seems to be magical. Undoubtedly, the size of the heavenly body does not change. Notwithstanding, during this phase, it appears bigger, which makes it more attractive and uncommon. The scholars also call it "moon illusion" and still cannot explain why there exists such happening.

There are multiple theories concerning this phenomenon. One of them is the way we see clouds. They may appear as if pretty close to us. Notwithstanding, they are miles and miles away. In occasion, a cloud overhead and the one on the horizon are similar in size, than the one on the horizon is bigger, as it is on the greater distance from us. In such way, the moon seems to our brains the same too.

However, other scholars do not believe this theory and do not think that clouds have such magic influence upon our imagination. One of other theories is that we compare this body with the nearest trees and other objects. Thus, our brains think that it has become larger. There also exist other hypotheses. Some seem to be pretty logical and possible, while the others appear too funny and unreal.

Nonetheless, the fact remains the same. On the mentioned date, this "supermoon" plays its trick with our mind and it becomes larger. It will make its illusion at the point, when its orbit will be in the closest position to our planet than ever. The information from NASA states that the moon would be actually huge and utterly beautiful and magnificent. This case is special and intriguing.

In case, you still don't believe in this unusual fact, you can check yourself quite easily. You don't even have to leave your home. Simply try to span it with your thumb and forefinger. You will see that the space between your fingers will remain the same.

Blue Moon

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A phenomenon like blue moon is a full moon that can be seen twice per month. The phrase blue moon itself is a fruit of folklore imagination, according to Phillip Hiscock.