Aquarius Moon Sign

aquarius sign

Aquarius-identities, as much as Leo-folks, require attention and appreciation from other people. However, their final goals are different. This is time to find balance between the desire of recognition and personal wishes.

Novelty and creativity

Thanks to powerful influence of the Moon, these folks experience great enhancement in all the doings that are really novel and innovative. It's a good time to bring to life creative projects. Some folks around you may act egoistically.


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You will develop your social abilities and maintain interests in science and intellectual labor. Pay more attention to psychology and novel technical inventions. Don't forget about astronomy and astrology. And be watchful with electricity.

Family and friends

family couple

At times, some of your friends may play more significant role in your life than your relatives. Nevertheless, try to treat everyone honestly. They all are needed.


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Give more heed to your endocrine system and implement some useful and healthy diets. You may experience difficulties with veins and lower legs.

Moon in Aquarius sign at Birth

moon, sign, Aquarius

These folks are a curious matter for psychology, as they need both solitude and loudly gatherings of many people.