Cut, Color and Condition

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Phases of the Moon are known to impact the way people behave and how they feel. Also they can really influence the state of the hair and styling routine. The Moon can influence not only tides on the Earth, but feeling and health of humans and animals. Beauty routine can be upgraded according to the Lunar calendar and you'll notice the positive changes soon. We will show when to cut your hair, when to dye it, and how to enhance hair care for better hair look.

Moon is an object of many inspirations; it has amazed people all over the world since the times immemorial. In lots of locations all over the world people worshiped the Moon in a particular lunar phase in hope for a better harvest, weather and future in general. There are a lot of evidences that show how through a particular moon phase the amount of impregnations, accidents, crime rates increases. But today we want to talk about the Moon and its influence on beauty.

The Influence of the Moon on Health and Beauty

The tides phenomena show us the gravitational pull of the Moon. Generally, Moon's influence can be explained in the same way as it influences tides: the Moon has gravitational effect on liquids in bodies and organisms. Due to this fact, hair grows better, beauty products work profounder in a particular time of the Moon's cycle. So you can schedule your beauty routines.

The Influence of the Star Signs in the Moon Calendar

Through its journey, the Moon goes through different zodiac sign every 1-2 days. Many people believe these positions impact the feel and appearance of Earth residents. Believe it or not, but you can try it, as it is harmless and if you feel mo effect it won't damage you anyway. We made some rules according to the cycle of moon phases.

Cutting Hair/Letting Hair Grow Referring to the Lunar Calendar

Increased hair growth. It happens during the waxing moon phase and influences active hair growth after a haircut. It means that you should cut your hair between the new moon and full moon, and it will grow intensively.

Decreased hair growth. If you like short haircuts and not interested in changing it and want to keep it as fresh as possible, trim your hair during the waning phase of the moon , between the full moon and the new moon. This way your desirable length won't change longer.

Zodiac signs influence. Thick and robust hair will grow if it is cut during the Moon in Leo or Virgo. Leo will ensure thick hair and Virgo enhances smooth look.

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Hair Care and the Lunar Calendar

Waxing moon is associated with revival and reconstruction. So this phase will provide restoration and regeneration of the hair. During this phase any hair products have increased efficiency, so make your hair care routine intense. Don't forget to use natural oils, shampoos without silicones and sulfates, conditioners with natural ingredients, liquid crystals for hair and different repairing masks during this period to make the hair look fresh, shiny and robust.

Zodiac signs influence. Moon in Aquarius is especially effective for shampooing and total hair cleansing. Aries and Sagittarius are the signs that promote beauty routines in general.

Hair Dyeing and the Lunar Calendar

Your general beauty including your body nails and skin condition is at its finest during waning moon. So if you've decided to change hair color take this phase into account.

Zodiac signs influence. To make the color of your hair last longer, dye it during the Moon is in Sagittarius or Libra. Hair is better moisturized, absorbs color better and looks brighter during Aries', Sagittarius' and Virgo's influence.

Avoid any hair manipulations on these days of lunar cycle. Some of the days are really bad for making anything with your hair. Take into account that when the Moon is in Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio you'd better avoid coloring or cutting of your hair.