Full Moon effects

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SLEEP DEPRIVATION: Definitely, one of the most studied issues that could be possibly connected with moon periods is sleep regimen. A study of the year 1999 suggested that the moon actually affected the behavior of some individuals. It induced sleep deprivations in mentally weak people who suffered from bipolar disorder, seizures and other kinds of depression. The physicians believed that it induced maniac behavior or something of the kind. Nevertheless, this study did not operate with proven facts. If reading it closely, you would not see any facts about the real connection with the moon activity. The physicians did not even define which of the cases of uncommon behavior started while the full moon. Accordingly, you should trust this study. If this is a burning issue for you, you should search for data that are more dependable.

A small study in 2013, that consisted of only 33 volunteer adults, determined that people had a much shorter sleep while the fullness of the moon even when they were not aware of this activity. Nevertheless, this figure of participants is actually little and the future studies are to take place for more reliable proofs. A more recent study of the year 2014 showed no statistically significant correlation between sleep regimen and the cycles of the moon. This was another proof that the moon does not affect human's slumber.

Afterward, there was started another experiment. A research published in March of 2016 involved 5,800 children who were aged 9-12 years. They were out of different parts of the world. The research detected that they slept for nearly 5 minutes less at the full moon nights. Of course, such small deviation from the norm does not induce any serious and visible changes in children's wellness. Nevertheless, the scientists find it interesting. Still, the received data do not show any possibility to prove the direct and firm connection.

In order to find the link, the researchers are going to conduct novice experiments in the future. Consequently, we should wait a bit more to shed more light on this issue. However, you should not be surprised when the studies would not show anything really essential.

Myths persist

There exist multiple myths about the abnormal and unhealthy influence of moon powers on the human mind. People believe that they drive us mad. This is a rather interesting question and it was properly answered by the scholars.

Let's think about different weird occasions that took place while the fullness of the moon. Statistics says that while such periods, people obligatory notice that the moon was full and connect all those occasions with this phase. Nevertheless, when the same or even worse things happen in common nights they simply think that it was strange enough and go on. Well, isn't that ridiculous? It seems that people hold on to a certain stereotype and do not operate with facts. In addition, all those stereotypes have never been proven by real evidence. So why trusting them? It simply makes no sense.

"Under the condition, moon phases really make people crazy and they undergo crimes or are predisposed for traumas, police and doctors have to be alert while such phases." explains our Bad Science Columnist Benjamin Radford. The expectations of some identities strongly affect their perceptions and they make us believe in such sort of things.

Notwithstanding, there is no true data that could confirm those beliefs. Therefore, we can draw a logical and final conclusion that a New Moon can also induce such happenings and both phases have sufficient influence on our life, mind and behavior. Consequently, you should stop staring at the moon phases with a horror that there would happen something strange and dangerous. Probably, there would be simply more beach pollution while these periods and this is it!

Details concerning full moon effects

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Full Moon

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Lots of identities can feel the energy levels of the Full Moon. You should remember that this always means that the Sun and Moon are in opposite to each other.