Moon in Aquarius

moon, Aquarius, sign

Moon in Aquarius sign at Birth

Tethered to a Distant Galaxy

These folks are a curious matter for psychology, as they need both solitude and loudly gatherings of many people. And they need this all simultaneously. They wish to be close with people. Notwithstanding, they require keeping the distance. It is difficult to fully understand them. Therefore, gather patience and try to figure them out.

They are a bit mysterious and seem to know something about things unknown to others. They act pretty confidently and coolly in critical situations. When the others lose their heads and senses, these self-assured identities know precisely how to find the way out using the quickest and most efficacious method.

A Friend to Many

These individualities possess an incredible capability to sooth any critical occasion. They are socially developed and they get easy with all the types of people. They are interested in human nature and eagerly interact with all possible characters. From them, they learn their peculiarities, which they afterwards put to use in practice. These folks excellently master human manners and behavior.

They are well-known humanists and they would like to influence the great masses through art, science, technology and so on. They are famous investors and innovators. They try to make this world at least a bit better and create various novelty to ease our life. They feel good being surrounded with people. However, at such gatherings, they may feel great stress as well, for they cannot isolate their affections. With lunar inflows, Aquarius-identities oftentimes lose their way and don't realize who they actually are.

The lunar energies and manifestations are visible within the ideas of these identities. At times, these ideas and novelties are difficult to bring to life, inasmuch as everyday life may have too great impact upon these identities and they get confused and reluctant. Even the simplest dealing, such as paying taxes may greatly disturb them. Being shaken off their purpose, they leave behind all the desires and start to suffer. They have to struggle hard to overcome such states.

They are naturally kind and have many friends, as they never judge the people, but accept them as they are. They have a soothing effect and can comfort nervous and anxious people. Though their mentality is not always normal, they can relax those who are unstable. They are intriguing and unique companions.

In private relationships, Aqua-identities may be at times self-contained. They have a lot of friends and commonly they find their great love right in their circle. They can be friends for long time and afterwards fall in love. They require personal freedom and independency. Nevertheless, you will receive them as well. They are honest and just personalities. You have to realize that. Otherwise, there will appear problems and restrictions. Take it easy and the life itself will become easier, when having such a partner at your side.

Keywords: Idealistic, smart, imaginative, admitting, efficient, merciful.

The Shadow Side: Dispassionate, unpredictable, hard-nosed, reserved.

Quality and Element: Fixed and Air.