Moon Axis

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3 Billion of Moon's axis shift

When talking about the Red Planet, the main factor to polar wanders was a strong volcano activity. The alterations on the moon were induced thanks to internal happenings. The moon's mantle was melted and bubbled up on the surface, which is similar to lava eruption.

Our moon possesses only one crust. This is a huge basaltic plain, which is known as Procellarum. The radioactive elements ended up right there after the body was finely formed. Due to the enhanced radioactive activity, this location was like a huge broiler that was continuously heating the mantle.

There is an interesting fact about this process. Do you remember that dark patches that can be seen on this night guide? These formations are the places of lava eruptions that took place long a time ago. The grand blob of the heated mantle was lighter than the cold. Thanks to this fact, there took place the alteration of mass in that region of the moon.

Consequently, the axis of the body began nearly 3 billion years ago or earlier. Slowly it moved on and induced the alterations that were recently spotted by the experts. This made a huge shift, which determined a lot of alterations and brought this body to us.

The spotting of water or ice through neutrons

Thanks to these wanders, the scientists were capable of explaining why this body has lost so much ice. Imagine a glass filled with water. Most planets are similar to a firm hand that holds the glass. In such way, the axis would not shift at all. Now, imagine an unsteady, wobbling hand. When you hand is shaking, you will inevitably spill out some water. Accordingly, it will change the axis of your glass. The same happened to the moon ices under the influences of direct sunlight. This induced multiple and essential shifts.

Richard Miller pictured a special map of the moon's ice that still remains there. The ice amounts were figured out by the measurements of neutrons' energies. The special tools on NASA's satellite helped in measuring cosmic rays. Neutrons with lowered energy levels show hydrogen. This determined a lot in these novice studies.

Thanks to these unique lunar maps, the scientists were capable of finding out 4 major features. First of all, they figured out the ice offset. Secondly, the increases of this element have the same or very similar poles. Thirdly, the asymmetric increases have nothing in common with the thermal occupation. Finally, the spatial distributions of hydrogen are actually antipodal. These features are of great importance and show the main reasons of the lunar mass shift.

Lunar ice is an ancient time capsule and can reveal the responses for many mysteries

Thanks to the amazing and significant discovery, it gave a sufficient push for the future researches in this direction. The time contains deep mysteries and secrets, which can be reviewed and testified in a different way. Water could not appear in very remote areas from the Earth. The furthermost planet where water could appear is Jupiter.

It is not known where from the waters of our planet origin. It seems that they origin from some other systems after our planet and the moon were formed. The lunar or Mercury ices may answer this intriguing question. The theory of lunar ice correlations makes us the ice very ancient. It appeared after the completion of both these bodies, but its age is older and it has come from elsewhere.

The scholars call these ices a time capsule, which can answer the most itching and important question "How did the life appear?" The lunar ices are the most ancient evidence of the life birth. If finding out their origin, we may answer this burning question. In addition, we will be capable of figuring out some other essential issues. Some of those may be quite unexpected. Nevertheless, their importance may be actually huge! Consequently, we have to be patient and give the professionals time to compare and reveal all the hidden secrets and mysteries.

The Wander of Moon's Axis

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At times, there happen some unexpected discoveries, which can be surely referred to the class of miracles. One of such was detected in one recent study, which revealed novice surprising fact about our moon.


Supernova iron found on the moon

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The origin of the Supernova involves a great explosion. About 2 million years ago, a grand explosion of such star has happened closely to our solar system.


Facts about the Moon

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Moon is widely known as the only satellite for Earth, and it is quite old - 4.6 billion years. Moon is always faced with the same side to the Earth, as both of them are moving synchronically.