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In future, successful business will only be caused by harmony with nature. Often neglected, but always observable influence that impacts everything on the Earth and needs additional attention and adaptation to it, is the Moon phase. People who adhere to biodynamic agriculture know exactly when to reap and when to sow according to the waning or waxing phase of the Moon and they have better fruit than regular agriculturists who neglect this pattern.

The scope of lunar influence on Earth is well-known, ranging from nature (e.g. tides) to human's and animal's behavior changes in a certain lunar phase (e.g. crime rate increases during the full moon). However, this impact is mostly neglected and transcendent in the business world. I will try to point out the meaningful things about business and lunar cycle.

Our calendar is oriented on the daily and annual solar cycle, however it differs from the lunar cycle, and we are really out of the Moon's rhythm. We have 12 months in a calendar, while lunar calendar includes 13 cycles per year.

Any musician knows that rhythm is the most important basis for a good sound. It is unreal for musicians to work harmoniously and produce good music without proper rhythm. You can have the most outstanding musicians work together, but without rhythm their work is senseless.

The solar calendar (12 month) was created by Julius Ceasar when Roman republic was only becoming an empire in order to synchronize all the colonies and conquered peoples. This calendar may be called a symbol of domination rather than a democratic one. Since this time number 13 has been made a symbol of terrors.

Biologically, women feel lunar cycle through their own menstrual cycle.

A lot of information around us is regarding the topic of women leadership and its importance. The leaders of the future will include feminine leadership skills regardless of gender. We believe that one of the features acquired from feminine leadership skills should be working by and attentiveness to lunar cycles.

Imagine how great it would be to use this knowledge in the corporate management, in team building in organizations. Biodynamic agriculture has proved its usability for the past 100 years, so maybe it's time to think about biodynamic business organization?

So how does it operate in reality?

Generally, we mark three different phases of the lunar cycle:
New moon
Waxing moon (to the full moon)
Waning moon (back to the new moon)

New moon: It is a period for analyzing previous month and making goals for the further month.

Waxing moon: generally it takes from 2 to 14 days, starting from the day after new moon till full moon generate ideas, create and launch new projects, develop fresh initiatives, make acknowledgements with people, work on things you want to get recognition from.

Waning moon: Starts right after full moon and finishes day before the new moon, takes generally 15-28 days. Get the results from your previous work, time for rewards and finishing of the projects, as well as for cleaning.

Then the cycle renews.

It is easy, but works.

How to use this?

On a personal level: Experience it yourself first and make notes.

Women in a pre-menopause period can use this pattern for their menstrual cycle, which is our natural notification of the lunar cycles. Try to transform this from inconvenience to a generator of energy and strength.

On a corporate (team) level: Utilize this pattern for creating a special regime in team, plan activities and revisions.

Ask some workers to use this model and make notes about the results.

Conclude and make a decision about the effectiveness of such pattern.

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