Moon in Cancer

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Moon in Cancer sign at Birth

These individualities are of the most obvious home-type. Their affections run deep and they possess splendid imagination.

Their ruling planet is the Moon, which is the mistress of emotional aspect and consequently, these aspects are stronger within these folks. Their moods are changeable.

These individualities are over-sensual and other folks clearly feel their presence and energies, as well as multiple moods, as they shine with their emotive side.

Having these folks as friends is a very pleasant and incredible experience. They surround their dearest people with tenderness, love and great care. They are utterly devoted. They will do whatever is needed to make you feel happy.

They are very caring and plainly understand the moods and inner developments of each person. This makes out of them tremendous and helpful counsellors. They protect the most vulnerable personalities.

Nevertheless, too many emotions can seriously harm these caring people. To escape difficulties, they ought to find the dealings in which they’d be capable to offload the emotional tension. For instance, performance can greatly aid them.

They are too sensual and one can easily hurt them. The wounds run commonly deep and they heal very long. They can forgive, but the wounds you have once made to them will be never forgotten.

Imaginative Spirit

They can express their memories, which are utterly important for them, can be reflected in stories, music and different arts. They will retell them in intriguing manner, which will be interesting to the audience, according to the likings of the public. However, they cannot let go the past and it disturbs them finding the paths for their future.

These identities are very sensuous and their nature is very delicate. It’s difficult to totally understand any Cancer, as they hide their true feelings, for they are afraid of being hurt. They are demanding with their beloved and oftentimes, testify their dedication of feelings. This all is due to the fear of rejection.


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The greatest, the safest and most suitable place for any Cancer is of course home. This is their starting platform and the place, where they recharge and refresh, heal wounds and relax.

To overcome all pressures and tensions, they require solitude. They have to delve deep inside of their soul to figure out what to do next. Afterwards they will take everybody by a great surprise reappearing with full strength.

The Moon requires taking warm baths to resolve the puzzles.

The soul of any Cancer-identity is intriguing and complex. They face challenges each day. Oftentimes, they induce all the complications by themselves. They are strong and weak simultaneously. They go in between good and bad and reach extremes. Giving them sure notion that you won’t let them down and would protect them, if that would be needed, you will receive their dedication and love.

It is utterly difficult for any of them to start trusting the others. They do that reluctantly and you will have to gather your patience.

In occasion, you withstand all the tests and challenges with these identities you will receive top one hundred percent of care and devotion. They will be always there at your side ready to stretch out the helping hand. Be sure that hurting them and making a little for excuses, they will quickly part with you forever.

Keywords: Intuitive, kind, nurturing, defensive, responding, exquisite, imaginative, dedicated.

The Shadow Side: Tenacious, critical, ill-humored, secretive, manipulative, needy, elusive.

Quality and Element: Cardinal and Water.