Moon in Capricorn

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Moon in Capricorn sign at Birth

Serious Moonlight

These identities are unique in their own way. They hold on firmly and cool. They have a tremendous control upon their emotions. Solidity is what they are and mean. They give much heed to their public status and material achievements. They are career-makers and possess great ambitions. They have a good nose for money as well and know how to make it.

They are very ambitious people and are extremely determined in achieving what they wish. If you see a Capricorn targeting at something, be sure he or she will definitely achieve that. These folks are sensuous and reasonable. They are pragmatic and rational.

It is utterly difficult to earn their trust and loyalty. It will require some time and many pains for that. Therefore, you have to be prepared for tough times. They don’t gladly and easily show their inner affection. If you wish to attract them, try to intricate them. This would give you more chances than other means.

Oftentimes, people do not understand them, as these identities have a secretive and mysterious nature. They try to hide all the dark cracks with humor. They may be melancholic and hold on to the past. This makes them immobile and reserved.

The best for these identities is to work. They actually enjoy life at full, when they are engaged with the things they like to do. Achieving success makes them totally happy. They are good at financial or organizing matters.

They are all about their family and dear friends. They are romantic in such occasions. They like family gatherings and family itself means a lot to them. They are open-handed, dedicated and trustworthy. They start personal relations with great reluctance. They require some time to be sure that they can trust somebody new and weigh all pros and cons of the future union. They lack initial passion.

Keywords: Aspiring, disciplined, stable, traditional, liable, resolute.

The Shadow Side: Dogmatic, negative, materialistic, doleful, harsh.

Quality and Element: Cardinal and Earth.