Compatibility Matters

moon, heart, love

When talking about the sign compatibility, one should obligatory mention Moon signs, for they are of great importance. It is utterly essential for our inner world. They involve the matters of feelings, emotions, intuition, personal relationships and our interaction with other individualities. They also include other aspects. For instance, our habits and interests, desire for convenience and safety and so on. They involve many things, which make our life complete. One should give much heed to the Moon sighs, as Sun signs may show quite different outcomes. We should take into account all aspects of our life. This will ease our life, as we will realize all necessities of the power of the universe.

Fire Moon Signs

Individualities with fiery signs in their Moon are very passionate, overly energetic, determined and always tell what they actually think. They are very open and honest. This makes out of them good friends and partners. They possess high sex drive, a wish to be in the middle of all happenings actively participating in them and they seek for those people who would recognize their heroic deeds and would appreciate that. They need praise and attention. When there meet two fiery Moons, their union becomes passionate, hot and extravagant. They like pushing to extremes. Fire and air get slightly coupled. They encourage one another and try to make their second part happy. One cannot say the same about fire and earth. There are many misunderstandings and emotions reign in these relations. This greatly disturbs and complicates their development. There is tremendous potential of the union of fire and water. They have all chances for being happy together, or they can be suffering from their relations. Everything is up to their ways. They have to pick up the most profitable path, which would satisfy both sides evenly.

Earth Moon Signs

Earthy Moon is a symbol of stability and dependability. Affections will be under control and both sides are commonly satisfied. Such identities are organized, determined, caution, possess great amounts of patience, are not hasty, behave solidly and withstand emotional tension pretty easy. In addition, they are utterly sensitive, caring, loving, dedicated and serious in their intensions to build up firm and lasting relationships. When two earthy signs are coupled, their relations are utterly strong and serious. However, there can be stagnancy in their personal development. There would be some great lack in emotions. The union of earth and water is more natural and the relations run slightly and without many misunderstandings. There will be place for different emotions, which only strengthen both sides. The combination of earth and air would be possibly tense and strained. Both sides would have to do their best to find compromises that would safe their relationship.

Air Moon Signs

Airy Moon identities are smart, possess tremendous imagination, are great interlocutors and they are socially developed. There are some difficulties with emotional state. They reluctantly show their inner happenings and do not part their wishes to others. Air and water is an incredible union. They create firm relations with great mutual understanding. They possess great potential, even when their characters are totally different. As it has been said above, the union of air and fire is strong and dependable. They thrive with the assistance of one another. In occasion, one makes a false step, another one guides the right way. Emotions prevail in their relations. The combination of two Moon signs makes firm connection between two sides. They get talkative, energetic and very funny. However, the may be missing passion. They need concentrations and attention to each other.

Water Moon Signs

Watery Moon is resourceful and helpful. This is the natural home and it greatly benefits thanks to natural development of things. There reign all sorts of emotions, originality, creativity, intuitive skills and frequent alteration of the mood. Affection commonly overwhelms intellect. The combination of water and fire is utterly potential. There will be a lot of excitement, intrigue, sexual drive and so on. However, water will not allow overly high emotional development. Water and air will be romantic. Nevertheless, there will be various complications in relations as well. Two waters create high sensuality and maintain all emotions. However, this may lead to unstable relationships and frequent conflicts. When water and earth get coupled, their relations are commonly strong, serious and lasting. This is one of the strongest and most dependable unions. They possess incredible potential for happy life together.