Moon in Gemini

moon, Gemini, sign

Moon in Gemini sign at Birth

These very individualities are utterly energetic, merry and are capable to easily amuse their companions with witty or funny conversations. They seem to be restless, being on a constant move. Absolutely incredible and captivating folks.

Messages from Home

These folks belong to swift-minded people. They deliver fast and bright messages. One of their great needs and desires is the feeling "at home", no matter where they are.

Being at home, they enter the zone of comfort and start developing novice ideas and projects. At times, they may be too much for you with their rapid energies. Nevertheless, you would barely call any of their kind "boring". They are utterly positive.

They possess changeable nature due to their natural dualism. This may induce difficulties. However, they come along with other folks pretty easy.

Nevertheless, they possess heartwarming side as well. It's sign of shadow and light and there are many contraries living inside of them, which struggle each day.

They like being always right. It's not easy to see their feelings, because even if the matter involves them, they think first and then feel. They are great thinkers. Thus, they become overly emotional, for the thinking prevails and they do not stop doing that.

At times, due to the influences of the Moon, they may take up different masks, which may take them by surprise as well, for they may not be aware of them. They have a cynical humor and this is their dark light, which may induce great troubles for them.

It may take a lot of time, prior they would reveal their negative aspects and that is a risk for their partners, who may be thinking that everything is okay with Gemini.

Social Butterfly

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These identities are well-known for their social development. Oftentimes, theyare called "social butterflies" as they adore conversations of all types and commonly have hundreds of friends and good acquaintances. They easily get along with all types of people and ignite their inner powers and enthusiasm. They have fresh and bright minds, which always actively operate and seek for novel ideas and creations, and they think very fast.

They will find interesting topics for conversations and you will be always eager to speak with them at least for a while. They like learning a lot of new and they may become a source of novice and helpful information.

They also like various gossips, which is not always welcomed. Of course, they do not share these just because they are evil and wicked. They are simply fascinated with such things due to their inquisitive mind.

Whirled View

These folks are overfilled with enthusiasm and energy and thus, they remain on a constant move. This is dangerous for them, as they can barely relax due to those energies reigning within them and afterwards, they simply become exhausted. First of all, they would be viewing all possible sources for new information. Besides, they are talented folk and adore being engaged in various projects of creativity.

Their bright minds have a great need in reinforcement. They cannot be bored. In such way, they will find emotional convenience and peace. Inspiration is another positive side of these unique people. They search for it and give it to others as well.

Compiling all the information, they don't simply retell the story, but filtrate it and explain it in their own universal and very interesting interpreting.

In private relations, these identities are very romantic and charming. They are utterly funny and very often act as if they were children. Their temperament is a bit nervous and they require the one who would be capable to balance them. In their turn, they would nourish their mate with freshness and different interest things.

Keywords: Clever, socially-developed, mobile, inquisitive, interesting, light-hearted.

The Shadow Side: Nervous, dispelled, insecure, shallow, manipulative.

Quality and Element: Mutable and Air.