Moon in Leo

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Moon in Leo sign at Birth

These identities are enthusiast by nature and adore spontaneity.

This sign within Moon is proud and open-handed, dedicated and has great thirst for entertainment and adventures. These folks will be very trustworthy in private relations.

These folks are amazingly bright and positive and can kindle the hearts and desires of their companions.

They possess incredible predictive capabilities through the mediation of the Moon. They would require respect from the others and they cannot withstand commanding from the others. These folks are vulnerable to betrayals.

With pride, they protect their actual feelings in occasion, when they like somebody. Oftentimes, they testify their novel companions or partners with different demands.

They are known to be utterly great romantics and with the help of the moon powers and flows, they live through a great bloom in relations.


Leo is referred to a fire sign and within Moon, these folks become ever more ardent and emphasize their feelings. They are extremely good at various arts and are original.

They also love drama in all life spheres. However, they frequently overplay and try to find it in occasion where it is unlikely. They are glad to have multiple friends and they would eagerly entertain them.

They are intense, when the matter involves feelings. Thanks to their inner powers, they can easily inspire their dearest people and sustain their needs.

These identities cannot pretend they are excited. They are always led by their hearts and true feelings. They try to find stability and balance in all their doings. They require confidence.

In case, Leos are abused, they will disrespect those people who hurt them and that may last forever. They would hardly forgive and never forget.


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When it comes to expression of their inner personality, they will surprise you with a bouquet of emotions. They adore entertainment and would do whatever is needed and even more to arrange different parties and celebration. They wish to be the spotlight of all happenings. They desire attention and respect.

These identities are very talented and if aiming at achievements in this sphere, they can gain a lot. They wish to be famous. In case, they will not be praised and will be rejected, this will turn into great drama and disappointment.

These personalities are not afraid of difficulties, as they will only make them stronger. In addition, they can greatly encourage other folks who need that. They will eagerly stretch out the helping hand. They like risks and even feel themselves better when standing at the edge of the abyss.

They have a challenging nature and can easily accept any test. They will treat you with great respect and will surround with their attention, if they are treated as kings and queens. They like compiling riches and are utterly self-assured.

If you seek for inspiration, ask the Leo to help you with that. They have a real gift for inspirations. Thus, you can bring your greatest projects and desires into life. They are open-handed as well and will not be greedy with the dearest people. They find great power in their native element.

In relationships, these identities are pretty sensitive and vulnerable because of their pride. They act like children and are respectively very sensuous and delicate. Offending them, you risk losing them forever, as their proud is too great.

Keywords: Proud, expressive, open-handed, romantic, childlike, entertaining, original.

The Shadow Side: Dominative, dogmatic, haughty, hard-nosed, egoistic.

Quality and Element: Fixed and Fire.