Moon in Libra

moon, Libra, sign

Moon in Libra sign at Birth

These individualities are elegant and very attentive partners. They possess great taste and stick to high standards. They wish to be accepted and appreciated by other folks and give much heed to their social status. They are great decorators and can arrange outstanding feasts and celebrations. They wish to reach peace and beauty everywhere, including their home. They pay great attention to such things.

Their nature is refreshing and relaxing. They are known for being great diplomats. You can meet a lot of Libra-born being ambassadors and diplomats. These identities can resolve any type of confrontation and will suggest you the best compromise in the most complex issue. Thus, they win trust of other identities. They also wish to reach equality for all and so, you will find a lot of lawyers and judges among them, as these professions give the power in their hands.

These individualities cannot be alone. They like doing everything in pairs and prefer to be in great crowds. They will eagerly share with you all they have. They need only your support. Nevertheless, their love for collaboration can turn into a real disaster, when they are alone. Lacking support, they do not know what to do next. They are too dependable. Consequently, they will give out all their strengths to have a strong and lasting connection with their second part.

To understand themselves, they frequently use the mirror. This is like the reflection of the moonlight. Through the Moon, they act listening to their heads, but not their hearts. However, this fact may change and heart would guide them further. Besides, they can find the balance between both.

If to listen what they say about their possible second part, it may seem to you that this is some kind of interview. They pay great attention to appearances, hairstyle, manner of speaking and behaving and so on. They wish the best of the best, for the image of their second part would reflect on their public status. They cannot appear among others with someone of low standards.

Keywords: Enchanting, social, diplomatic, easy-going, flexible, artistic, elegant, pure thinking.

The Shadow Side: Self-indulgent, addictive, irresolute, calculating, people-pleasing.

Quality and Element: Cardinal and Air.