Moon in Pisces

moon, Pisces, sign

Moon in Pisces sign at Birth

Soul of the Artist, Dreamer

These individualities are also very interesting and unique, as there is enormous ocean of emotions contained within their souls. They are very different from day to dat. They clearly realize the feelings of others and this makes out of tem perfect advisors. They may understand your inner state almost at once. Incredible sensuality, imagination and emotions make out of them good artists as well. They are gifted in different professions that require real talent.

It is a well-known fact that Pisces-identities are very dedicated and can suffer together with their closest people all theirs problems as if these were their own. They can sacrifice their own desires in order of helping their dearest people. They are empathetic, but they also have to protect their delicate inner nature, as they can be easily hurt.

Walking Mood Ring

These unique individualities can namely “read” your feelings as a scanner. They are good at understanding the emotional sways and changes of mood in others. At times, Pisces are taken wrong by the others due to their secretive nature. They are vulnerable and oftentimes, crawl back into their refuge to recharge and heal their wounds. In such periods, their behavior may be taken wrong and the others would think that these are weird individualities.

Having kind hearts and tender nature, these folks will eagerly stretch out the helping hand. They have developed instincts capabilities and may know precisely what to do, when you experience these or those feelings. They are devoted friends and too naive. They easily trust the others and some may take advantage of that and use them. Accordingly, they have to be watchful.

They can recharge and renovate in different ways. Some feel better in arts, the others are busy in business or entertainment. They choose the most suitable escape from difficulties. Notwithstanding, they would have to face their demons. They need to find devoted friends who will balance their life.

Heavenly Inspiration

Thanks to their developed imaginary world, there can be met great numbers of incredible dreamers and artists among Pisces-identities. They are extremely talented due to their sensitivity to others. They understand the whole spectrum of emotions and can tell their stories with the help of some art. They know what beauty means. The problem may appear, when they are overwhelmed with emotions. In such days, they bitterly suffer.

Thanks to their amazing sensuous nature, they are one of the best romantics amongst all of the Zodiac signs. They can raise the relations to novel and unconventional levels, which will mean only good. They try to see and underline only the best in their second part and they would do whatever is possible to make stress on those qualities and would surely sustain them. They are great idealists. And when their partner defends their vulnerable nature, they actually thrive and radiate with happiness.

Keywords: Original, sensitive, empathetic, tender, intuitive, caring, imaginative.

The Shadow Side: Overwhelmed, self-indulgent, doleful, noncommittal, addictive.

Quality and Element: Mutable and Water.