Moon in Sagittarius

moon, Sagittarius, sign

Moon in Sagittarius sign at Birth

Amazing Soul

These incredible and unique personalities, which namely shine with enthusiasm, are always in for fun and try to widen their horizons. They are utterly merry and cheerful.

The fun is their second name. They adore adventures, seek for all kinds of entertainment, eagerly undertake trips to the most exotic and remote countries and places, and wish to lean ever more. They are shiny optimists, generous and kind. They like sharing their experience, as well as learning something novice from the others.

Social Creature

They possess unrepeatable charisma. They easily attract other identities and find connection to everyone. Their mind is very inquisitive and they like asking questions, as their heart desires freshness in everything. They are commonly excellent teachers and actors.

They are all about change. Probably, this is the most resistant sign, when it comes to routine. They are on a continuous move and get easily bored, if sitting in one place. Travelling a lot, they make quickly and slightly novel friends. They are interested in all cultures and religions.

These folks receive enormous heaps of inspiration thanks to lunar energies. They are very optimistic about life and are not troubled with all those issues. They live at full and rejoice the life just as they can. They are risky and aren't afraid of challenging situations. They will undertake any contest just for fun. They attract somehow luck and can meet good fortune at every corner. They reject negativism and wish to enjoy life as it is.

Love's Banquet

Of course, they seek for as crazy partners as they are. Their ideal mate ought to be adventurous and risky. Together, they can enjoy travelling to other counties and learning other philosophies and beliefs. Vitality is what is needed. They require active and busy partners, who would support them and join in all their doings.

These folks don't like looking back. What is needed for them is fair future. That's why their heads are always turned towards the things that are to come. They like work, travelling and philosophy. They wish to experience this all in their private relationships. These positive identities would thrive when they are reinforced and charged. They wish to be fast and first in everything and you have to be sure that you will keep up with them. Fun is what they know, like and mean. So, enjoy it!

Keywords: Animal lovers, matey, optimistic, adventurous, dynamic, curious, irrespective, enthusiastic.

The Shadow Side: Restless, candid, indelicate, negligent, shallow.

Quality and Element: Mutable and Fire.