Moon in Scorpio

moon, Scorpio, sign

Moon in Scorpio sign at Birth

These folks possess tremendous energy and incredible self-confidence. They wish to act cool. Nevertheless, their emotional side may fail them. Being overwhelmed with emotions, they oftentimes go to extremes. Too great intensity induces problems for them. They reluctantly reveal their inner state even to the closest people.

Because of great amounts of emotions and stressful situations, Scorpios can easily get lost in the midst of them. It is vital to keep them under control and be aware of all possible issues. Overly emotional state can lead from the light into the darkness, which may bring jealousy and thoughts of revenge. What is really necessary is to tame that very beast, which dwells inside and steam off in some ways, which would not hurt the others. It is not advised to repress the feelings, thus compiling anger.

Such intensity with emotions allows them understanding the complete spectrum of them. Learning them perfectly, they can be outstanding dramatists, and due to developed intuition excellent detectives. Psychology is their native sphere, where they can make successful career. Besides, they can simply be good advisors, as they plainly and clearly see the intentions of other folks. They are ambitious and determined and always reach what they want.

These identities are naturally suspicions and reluctantly show much of them to others and would take a lot of time to earn their trust. Accordingly, you have to summon your patience, if you wish to have a hold upon a Scorpio. Don't try to full them and never betray them, for they will never forget that and would hardly forgive.

They possess incredible sexual drive and the Moon only strengthens it. They may fail to find the right path, when they are overfilled with emotions. Dangerous situations are common for them and mainly, the guilt is theirs only. Nevertheless, if earning their trust and loyalty, you will be totally happy, as they are very devoted folks and will always protect you.

Keywords: Aspiring, intuitive, imaginative, keen, sensitive, capable.

The Shadow Side: Secretive, controlling, vindictive, brooding, manipulative, aggrieved.

Quality and Element: Fixed and Water.