Moon in Taurus

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Moon in Taurus sign at Birth

These folks are tough-minded and possess a ripe attitude regardless of the sun sign.

The manifestations of the Moon in Taurus are known as "elevated" ones. This is an earth sign of female nature and it is susceptible. The Moon is known for reflecting the Sun's light and this reveals in Taurus - instinctual level, emotive life and convenient zone.

These folks are rather responsive than dynamic. Due to this fact, they are commonly held for passive and immobile identities. Nevertheless, they know the price of a deed and they would rather think twice than act thoughtless.

These identities like all familiar. They feel great unease in unknown occupation and lose coziness and stability. They are resistant to alterations. They are all about security and dependability.

They represent fixed energies and they wish to do everything for sure and improve and secure it. They are very determined when reaching their goals and almost always get what their heart desires.

It would be utterly difficult to shake off any Taurus from his/her way to success.

They are actually very hard-nosed. Particularly difficult would it be, when you would be forcing them to accept or undergo changes.

Nevertheless, these identities are seekers of pleasures. They adore rest, relaxation and they will fully devote their time to obtain comfort. This brings extremely pleasant impressions, which would afterwards turn in nice memories.

They would undergo any celebration, even most unimportant. However, it should be merry and entertaining. Allow Taurus to arrange the feast and you will never regret that.

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The Good Life

The Moon within this sign prompts the ways of enjoying life. It tells how and where to gain pleasures. In addition, these folks have strong nerves and keep calm even in the most critical situations, when the others would rather lose their heads.

All the things they do and matters they undertake are done thoroughly and are well-thought. They do everything solidly.

They have good nose for money and commonly, feel themselves very confident in financial affairs. They are witty and you can freely ask their solid advice. They have an in-born smell for money and they greatly develop this instinct throughout the life. They require some time to make decisions. However, they simply weigh all pros and cons to give you the best and most dependable decision.

They utterly need the feeling of safety and would do whatever is possible to reach it. They won't listen to the others in such occasion. They know their own way and they will move in that direction only. They don't feel too confident in great gatherings. They prefer small, but intimate parties with a definite circle of the closest identities. These identities would be treated actually as kings and queens, for they are the chosen ones of Taurus.

These folks are dedicated and loyal companions, but they will expect the same from you. They would do whatever is possible to help their true friends. No matter what is the problem, be it big or small, they'll be there to help you. Nevertheless, do not make advantage out of it and turn it into the habit, or you will lose their respect and trust.

These folks would be looking for ardent and emotional partner. This one must be sensual and romantic. They need a deep connection with their partner on each level and it must not be only talking, but doing all, even the smallest things together. They require feeling support from their partner. Of course, romanticism in bed is included. Thus, they'll be content and will share their happiness and light with you.

Keywords: Intentional, sensitive, ardent, artistic, coping, perspicacious, dedicated.

The Shadow Side: Possessive, hard-nosed, inflexible,restricted.

Quality and Element: Fixed and Earth.