Moon in Virgo

moon, Virgo, sign

Moon in Virgo sign at Birth

Health Lunatic

Within these folks, the lunar energies would seek for clarity, well-being and balance.

These folks have strong and deep connection with physical life. They have a very detailed attention and aren't afraid of hard work. They prefer routine and don't wish to change, for they find harmony and order in it. It doesn't change and they don't need to adapt to changes.

They feel very good and confident, when they are protected. The best refuge for them is their home. There everything is in their power and order. They desire to refresh their mind and body. For that, they can make different intellectual and physical exercises. Even writing a diary or a book brings them great pleasure and relaxation.

They strongly stick to their habits, especially when they are reinforced with lunar powers. They adore various puzzles, reading smart books and other things that can nourish the intellect. They like being witty and know the details of interesting matters.

Within moon inflows, they would remain restrained and reserved. Do not expect a warm first meeting from them. They are pragmatic, prefer rational and logical way of thinking. Everything abnormal, chaotic, messy isn't for them. They search harmony and balance and such things frighten them. Their greatest desire is to be helpful for others. They like serving the others, which brings them tons of pleasure. They don't wish to be the leaders, but assistants.

In love affairs, these individualities are choosy. They are pretty sensitive, but their abnormal criticism to their mates induces often and serious complications. What is actually needed in such situations is to find a perfect balance, which would be capable to resolve all the issues and misunderstandings. They can be utterly dedicated, but you will have to earn that.

Keywords: Legible, analytical, pragmatic, honest, beneficial, serving, frugal.

The Shadow Side: Negative, discreet, cold, nitpicky, splenetic, critical.

Quality and Element: Mutable and Earth.