Hunting and Fishing

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Experienced and successful hunters and fishers know when to act. The time of sunrise and sunset promises the best prizes. Using smart tips, they bring home great booty and are held as heroes. They simply use their wits and thus, they become successful.

It's called solunar theory.

There is a famous angler named John Alden Knight. He is the creator of different books and manuals on successful fishing. One of his most renowned theories is called "solunar" theory. This one is highly valued by other anglers and ordinary people who have nothing to do with fishing art.

The major thought of this theory is concluded within the movement of animals and fish in accordance to the dislocations of heavenly bodies. The author assures that the most beneficial and successful hunting and fishing should be expected when the moon is right overhead or right underfoot in opposite direction in the sky. Such dislocations are the most active phases, when animals, fish and other creatures are on the move. Mark also that the time period between these two phases is considered to be the most inactive period. Accordingly, you should not hope for great booty while this phase lasts.

Of course, Knight has made the required tests for proving his thought. He went fishing multiple times during different phases and this included about 200 fish catches. The number is large and thus, dependable. The experiment has proven that 90% of sacksful fishing tries have been made during these major active periods.

The solunar period is profitable and one should go checking his luck in the period of 30 minutes to one hour while sunset and sunrise. The creatures get extremely active while these phases and there movement is persistent. Therefore, you should act precisely while this time gap.

Notwithstanding, this is efficacious for hunters as well. Animals get influenced by the moon energies and get active and focused exactly in these phases. Birds also are dynamic and eager to fly.

Of course, the alterations of the moon aren't visible and at times, it is difficult to define its position and say what changes it would induce. Nevertheless, you can put to usage special program called VeBest Moon Calendar. It can easily determine all phases, positions and changes in the moon activity. With it help, you can expect quick and precise results and predictions. This will sufficiently support you.

Fishing By Moon Phase

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All fishermen can catch more, if doing everything correctly. Commonly, anglers go fishing in the most suiting them time.