New Moon Rituals

hands, new moon

Rituals serve as the crucial moments in our life. Commonly, they symbolize alterations in life. There are candle and elaborate rituals. The most significant point here is the complete presence in this very moment.

Magic means alteration

The Novel Moon is a perfect chance to reconsider all the life targets, refresh them or even initiate the new ones. It is a magical time somehow. The rituals have much concern with power matters.

We possess intentions, which we wish to bring to life and in such a way, we can make them more consciously. At times, we receive special visions of how we should lead our life and we ought to stick to them to enable our dreams.

Notwithstanding, there may suddenly appear novice ways for our life development and it is not advised to strictly follow all the visions. These new passages may be even better. Thanks to the New Moon, we start the new beginnings and a good beginning means that you have passed a halfway point for the successful ending. You can gain even unexpected benefits. More than you even dared to wish. So, be careful on this stage.

Undoubtedly, it is utterly essential to follow the ritual that has real importance and value for you and not following the goals of other identities (the exception may be the case, when you are a member of some ritual group).

You are the only person who knows exactly what you need and consequently, you know better than the rest how to reach your goals. Here below, you will find some useful tips on how to use different symbols for maximal success of your doings.

Collect your Sacred Supplies

Your holly altar is the place, where you gather your sacred objects. Those may be different things. If you put to use various healing herbs and plants or something of the kind, you will only strengthen the power of your rituals.

There are various elements that can emphasize the meaning and final outcomes of any ritual. For instance, stones, gems, crystals, candles and other similar things. You may start a dairy for all of them.

The preparations for the rituals

It goes without saying that this part of the ritual is of the greatest importance, for your obligation is the clue. It is vital to clear your spiritual field from negative energies. To secure that, you can use sea salt.

Sage is also very vital and important herb that was widely used by the Native Americans in order of clearing the area and make it sacred. You can easily purchase it in all food stores today. Use it in a wand form. You should light its end and keep blowing on it, waiting until there appears a smoldering glow.

Put it to use around your body and the area, where the ritual is to take place. Meditation will help you to clear your mind. Use music for quicker effect.


tree, rootIt is utterly important to remain in touch with the energies of earth. If losing that connection, people become abnormally nervous, angry, developing different manias and unable to concentrate properly for the correct thinking.

One of the most effectual exercises is the visualization of the roots that go into the Earth that pass all the layers of it and then getting it back through your feet.

It passes through every chakra, going all around. There are also other variants for the grounding that you can use prior setting Novel Moon intentions.

Your Novel Moon Desires

After doing all the necessary things mentioned above, you can start setting your intentions. It would be better to make the full list of all the things you wish to attain to your life, as something may escape your memory.

The Novel Moon is that essential phase, when the things that always seemed to be out of reach become a reality. The first steps for their realization are taken during this phase.

Don't think that your intentions are only the written words. Putting them down on the paper, you tie yourself to them and draw them to your life. You dreams begin the movement from imagination to the real world.

Dreams of the Soul

Your intentions origin from your greatest cravings. When the days of the Novel Moon come, you should reconsider them once again and see what outcomes you'll get. Those may be different dreams, desires, images and so on.

As an example, you may plant the seeds that can show your intensions, which will secure better connection with the Earth. Rituals aren't easy, for they have concerns with unique energies, showing the lessons of life and the areas, where the action takes place.

Symbolic Arts

At this point, you ought to show your greatest creativity skills. If you wish to write a book, you should tie your intensions to a helium balloon, so that the world knew about them.

You can write them on a stick or burn. To express the openness to love, you should place lavender or a rose quartz in a diminutive pouch together with the things you desire.

Keep them Alive

You should await the outcomes of the interaction with the Moon. Try not to miss the moment they appear or you will miss the chance to gain the intentions. Always keep an eye on them, or even two, if you may.

It would be wise to note everything in the dairy. Thus, you will be capable to examine the progress. Be constantly in touch with the happenings of your life.

New Moon!

new moon

The novelty of the Moon means the most favorable time for the initiation of novice projects, helps developing creativity in all its manifestations.


Full Moon!

hands, new moon

In this period you should be prepared for action! Mind that there may appear the things that were previously unseen, but the afterlight has shown those uncertain themes.