Key Symbols

Key Symbols Relative to Moon Tarot Card Meanings

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Here, you will learn more helpful information concerning definite symbols and what they mean.

Dog and Wolf: the hound symbolizes the taming. This means loyalty to our bidding. The wolf symbolizes our first needs and shows teeth to every desire to remain usual. This is neither good, nor bad. Notwithstanding, there is a constant war between both of them. They go all the time together with us and are on each of our sides. One beast tells us to do everything correctly, as it is written in common rules. Another one stands for breaking the rules and going as wild as we desire. The Moon has its own targets for each of us. To understand all the indications, we ought to delve into our wisdom within, which will help to direct ourselves on the right path.

Lobster: also known as a crayfish and crab symbolizes all untraveled roads, hidden energies and psychic powers. Of course, this creation dwells in water and it shows subconscious world. It is associated with incredible expression or even reappearance of our Self, which was previously hidden in the darkness. These creations have a firm and dependable exoskeleton. It is related with armor, defense and so on. This all has to protect tenderness and beauty. It also symbolizes supernal objectives. It is utterly important for each of us and is capable to reveal our inner powers and energies.

Towers: these symbolize our very first natures and desires and also remind us that the life isn't as easy as we may hope. There exist multiple traps. There are promises of riches, stability, security and convenience. Nevertheless, it is necessary to memorize that oftentimes these outstanding qualities are illusive. We may stand blind with unreal prospects. The towers also represent stagnancy or untrue attraction, which deceitfully leads us to prosperity. And of course, if building our life on unreal illusions, we would barely achieve something good. It will lead only to inevitable misfortunes and crashing of the hopes. This is very dangerous.

Full Moon

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Lots of identities can feel the energy levels of the Full Moon. You should remember that this always means that the Sun and Moon are in opposite to each other.