Extraordinary moon facts

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11. The Bell of the Moon. Apollo 12 crew back on the November 20th, 1969 threw their lunar module overboard and it was destructed as it hit the lunar surface. This lunar module caused the moonquake, as it hit the Moon from the distance of approximately 40 mi. After crash the Moon produced the noises similar to the bell for more than 60 minutes. Apollo 13 crew did the same with their lunar module, and the resulting sound was even higher and way more intense, lasting for more than 3 hours. The power of sound covered the distance of 25 mi. After such experiments scientists were even closer to the conclusion that the Moon may even have no core or is very lightweight inside.

12. What’s inside? Dr. Sean C. Solomon and NASA scientist Dr. Gordon MacDonald tend to believe that the Moon is rather hollow inside. This statement appeared due to the researches of the Moon’s surface and its density. Compared to the Moon, the Earth’s density is one and the half time bigger. It means that inside the Moon is rather hollow, or has lots of empty segments beneath the surface. Dr. Harold Urey made an assumption that such density on the Moon is caused by the great amount of cavities inside of it. Scientists believe that the naturally created satellite cannot be hollow which only supports other theories of the artificially created satellite.

13. Lunar Spacecraft: One of the most amazing theories that has no facts that can beat it is that the Moon is the huge spacecraft from unknown places brought here and left by other intelligent creatures, as it can explain such position of the Moon in relation to the Sun and its perfect Earth orbit.

14. Moon Theories. There were numerous theories regarding the nature of the Moon. The first one was that the Moon used to be a piece of Earth that split off and was deformed with gravitation. However, the samples of moonrocks disproved this theory. Also, one more theory states that the Moon was created from the dust of the Earth; again the composition of the Earth differs from those of the Moon. One of the most popular theories claims Moon to be caught by our planet’s gravity, however it is groundless. I. Azimov commented on this theory that the size of the Moon is way too big to be caught solely by the Earth’s gravity. It is almost impossible.

15. Perfect Orbit. The satellite of the Earth has almost ideal circular orbit. It should be impossible, as the size, weight and the division of masses of the Moon cannot lead to perfect circular orbit. The gravitational center of the Moon differs from its geographical center which is already a reason for wave–like orbit. Then the main weight of the Moon is located at the far side. The only thing that comes to mind is that something ‘adjusted ’ the orbit of the Moon in such a way.

16. Coincidence. Another strange coincidence is that the Moon is so beneficially located and has just right parameters to perfectly cover the Sun during the eclipse. It is really strange, because there is no evidence from astronomical point of view for that. As far as we know it is a unique situation.

Extraordinary moon facts

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The Moon has no magnetic field itself, so imagine how strange it is that the rocks found on its surface are actually magnetized. The Moon is quite an old satellite, even older than we've thought. There is a probability that it is older than both the Moon and the Sun.


Extraordinary moon facts (Part 2)

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The amount of the infusive or refractory elements on the Moon′s surface is so great that some of the scientists concluded that these rocks were delivered to the Moon by the ways that cannot be detected. But it is a fact that the origin of the Moon′s rocks is foreign.