Full Moon Names

Native American Full Moon Names and Native Wisdom for Moon Gazers

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The Algonquin and the Iroquois Confederacy are the eastern and northern tribes that founded the Native American full moon names.

Here, it is possible to find the list of these names, which you can liken to your birth month. These combinations and their meanings can give you additional indications concerning your own identity. This is one of effectual exploration methods of your own self and the ways of development due to our native lineage.

Each month is unique just like each identity is. It has its own values and influences. The full moon is capable to tell us a bit more (and sometimes even a lot) about who we are and how we deal with all life matters. This brings our psychic view to higher level.

These outstanding folks knew a lot about names, months and full moon indications. They made the list in accordance developments by seasons. The symbolic list is the next:


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Wolf Moon: this all is connected with the common behavior of the wolves in this very month. They are always out while this white and shiny lifetime. They are up for their prey, as in winter they are commonly hungry. It's a tough period.


Snow Moon: this period is known for a usual ending of cold winter. There are frequent snowfalls, which are the coldest ones. It's also named hungry moon, inasmuch as at times, the winter is unwilling to give up its leadership. It still holds on tightly.


Magpie Moon: the crow symbolizes the parting with winter for sure. Spring is going to take the leading reins. This period is named Worm Moon as well, for these creations start their active life while this month lasts. This is the last signal that winter gives up and spring takes up the leadership.


Egg Moon: it's named pink as well. Both indications point out that the time of awaking of the nature has finally come. The seeds start awakening, growingand the nature dresses in green and beautifies itself.


Flower Moon: this month covers the ground with multiple flowers, which makes the world ever brighter and more colorful. It is believed that things grow at night while this period lasts.


Strawberry Moon: the meaning of naming this very month is easy to figure out. It's time of sweet strawberries, when they're full and ripe. If picking while the moonlight, it promises ever greater bounty the next year in this very period.


Thunder Moon: this period was full of thunders and thus, the tribes have decided to call it just like this. It's the midst of summer, time of rains and continuation of warm season.


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Red Moon: this period is known for inactive, reluctant to move period of summer. It is believed that the sun gives a gentle kiss to the moon and we can oftentimes observe unconventional and nice moon. For those tribes that lived at the Great Lakes this moon was also associated with sturgeon, for they were capable to catch a lot of it precisely during this period of time.


Harvest Moon: this month was very essential period for all Native Americans, inasmuch as it meant that time for harvest has finally come. Of course, it is a very needed and responsible month. It is also associated with adventures. They used to gather their harvest under the light of the Moon.


Hunters Moon: this name is also easy to understand. This is a great period of hunting, when the best hunters of their tribes go on the hunt to secure their people with provisions for cold winter. While this period lasts, it is easier to see the deer. Thus, they can be hunted easier and faster.


Beaver Moon: as it can be seen from the previous month names, that the symbolism is associated with the most crucial point of the month. With the thing, it embodies. It's time, when the beavers come to their completeness and the Natives used to set traps to catch them.


Cold Moon: is named as "Long Night Moon". It's the beginning of winter, though it is the ending of the year cycle. It's time ofmany long and cold nights. Day shortens and night prevails. Due to this fact, this month had received its name.

It is said that the moon keeps many secrets and mysteries. Our Natives knew a lot about those secrets and almost all tribes possessed full moon names. Keep on learning more concerning the indications and values of our native folk. These were actually incredible people with great wisdom and knowledge, which is in power even now. There is yet a lot to learn from them. They were utterly witty and knew a lot things concerning nature. Find more helpful tips and knowledge of the wisest.

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