Full Moons and Relationships

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The value of the Moon is utterly high, for this is the fastest body in cosmos, which plays a vital role in our everyday life. It involves our actions, which we undertake each day involving personal relations, romantic affairs and passion. Here below, we will have a closer look at the meanings, major indications and manifestations of the Full Moons, for they involve so many important factors of our life. The study of the ongoing relations is also included.

The Full Moons happen under condition the elliptic longitudes of the Sun and Moon go differently for 180 degrees, each 29 or 30 days.

Identities who are born under a Full Moon are commonly predisposed with a high degree for partnerships. These seem to be their own inner drama. This very drama is of great importance, inasmuch as there continue their war the Sun and the Moon, which are the greatest opposites in the universe. Oftentimes, their struggle and the desires they create are a bit weird and unconventional. The identities who are born under the Full Moon are commonly overwhelmed with their emotions and it can be plainly seen in the manner of their behavior. They put too much drama in everything they do and their expression is actually incredibly enormous. That very struggle between two great opposites determines their behavior and actions. This part is essential.

Pairs that met under such Moon oftentimes say that their meeting was a great and unexpected surprise. Such meeting takes each by surprise and is very weird. During such occasions, there take place different unconventional and fast things. For instance, a woman who always hesitates when stepping into novel relationships and never hastens, may be greatly surprised sleeping with a guy on the first date. It is believed that meeting soon after such moon is better for second marriage or for second-chance relations - when persons who were unlucky in private relationships take have another try. This phase helps a lot for many people and is considered to be utterly fortunate for long-termed relationships. Therefore, if you are looking for serious relations, you should try your luck exactly during this phase. This is a phase of a culmination.

Sun opposition Moon in Synastry is a state, when the Sun of one identity struggles against his/her partner's Moon. In such cases, the attraction is very strong. The relations can develop in such ways that there can be declared a real of war of two sides. And here appear troubles. Each side must do his/her best in order to avoid confrontation. Each would like to make the other one do what he/she desires. They are to take control of that and take into account the desires of the second part. Both participant have to constantly keep in mind that they simply waste their precious time and strengths, worsening the relationships. They have to find out a reasonable compromise for both, seeking the answers in their experience. There must reign reinforcement and co-dependency. The wishes and thoughts of both must be included in their everyday activity to avoid difficulties.

Sun opposition Moon in the Composite Chart: such state in relationships of both partners induce energy inflows and great challenges simultaneously. There is a great polarity between them. They should expect multiple confronting situations and divides. Nevertheless, they should not be desperate. Having the honest goal of keeping their relationships alive, they can withstand each problem and conflict. Actually, this concept must work in any sort of relations. Without common wish of togetherness, there will be no relations.

Full Moons are responsible for powerful emotions, activate the senses, and enhance all the feelings. The things that take place may take the partners by surprise. Notwithstanding, they will repeat, which won't be a surprise anymore. The function of the Moon is to show the things that they already known. It is a reflection of the things that used to be and the powers of the Moon remind about these essential things. It is very helpful in occasions, when love seems to pass away and the relationships are just about to break. With the help of the Moon, each side can have a flashback, reminding how everything has started and why their love appeared. Reflection is good in other situations, when there is a great need in solid and effectual decision. The previous experience can hugely help.

Full Moon!

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In this period you should be prepared for action! Mind that there may appear the things that were previously unseen, but the afterlight has shown those uncertain themes.


Full Moon Names

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The Algonquin and the Iroquois Confederacy are the eastern and northern tribes that founded the Native American full moon names.


Details concerning full moon effects

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