Full Moon Relationships

Full Moons and Relationships in Astrology

The full moon is tightly connected with love, romantic relations, and attraction. The other fact is that full moons influence lunacies. In this article we are going to explore the role of the full Moon in our relationships, emotions. We will discover what if you or your beloved one were born under the full Moon and what the full Moon means in your chart. We will examine the impact of the full Moon on the synastry and how it affects your current relationships.

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The Full Moon appears every month, to be precise every 29-30 days. It is caused by the 180 degrees opposition of the Sun and Moon.

Individuals born under full Moon are people who cannot stay alone for a long time. They need a partner, a soul mate. However, their nature is opposing, and they usually exaggerate their emotions that often lead to misunderstanding. The position of the Sun and Moon at the time of their birth includes this opposing nature into the life of such people. They often cannot correlate their needs and desires and set priorities which leads to instant contradiction inside. There was a belief among some astrologers that people born under the full Moon witness the divorce of their parents more often, but we've done some research and we haven't found a proof to this. However, modern astrology states that born under the full Moon usually perceive their parents not as a unity, but as two opposing people, with different ideas and desires in life. They can view their parents as those who have polar mindsets, or who cultivated different ideas through the childhood. Whether it is a truth or not, full Moon people perceive it this way.

So the full Moons grew up with two opposing mindsets that transform into the indecisiveness, lack of self-confidence, and expectations hard to be met. Some of them are constantly followed by a feel of guilt, illusionary worldview, and the better options they should have had chosen. For example when the Virgo Sun is in opposition to the Pisces Moon, this period can be described as a feeling of uncertainty about people we are going to meet in the future. It is interesting that full Moon people are not willing to express their emotions, so all this battlefield going on inside them usually stays concealed, and their partner should search for answers for a long time.

Opposition in signs still has the same common ground, and obtains the same energy which is rare for neighboring signs and quincunx ones. Full Moon people can manifest their true desires and emotions in cases when the relationships are very close and intimate.

People born under the full Moon can understand their nature by being in relationships and revealing new feelings day by day, investigating their soul. If you are a person who likes to simply follow the flow of life, the full Moon person is going to make you crazy. They are very touchy to any changes, they avoid conflicts and speaking about their feelings. They are not scandalous, but they understand that the compromise and harmony are the keys to prosperous connection. These actions remind of Libra and the vibe of this sign. Generally, any person born under the full Moon has Libran traits, even if this sign is not close in the chart due to the need of balance in the relationships and sincere attraction to the partner. The full Moon newborns and babies are sociable and emotional.

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Full Moon people are usually uncertain in their priorities. Couples who first saw each other under a full Moon usually say that it was sudden and surprising.