Full Moon Relationships

Full Moon people are usually uncertain in their priorities; they usually need some time to solve a problem or to make a decision. So, unfortunately, it is extremely hard for their partners to satisfy the needs of the full Moon. Everything takes time. The babies born under a full Moon are very flexible and adaptable, they are especially curious about the faces of people. Also they are sociable and funny.

full moon, heart

Couples who first saw each other under a full Moon usually say that it was sudden and surprising. The feelings have no proper words to express them. People met under the full Moon readily agree to give this relationship a shot. For example a woman who is very picky and serious when it comes to partners under the influence of the full Moon can sleep with a man on the first date.

In astrology, we believe that the full Moon is a time of second chance. People who meet each other a little bit after a full Moon have their minds and hearts more open and readily cope with the broken hearts from previous relationships. During the full Moon you can meet somebody who is as mature as you. It is better to start long-termed relationships or to get married a little bit before the full Moon: during the new Moon. The new Moon is the beginning, while the full Moon is a peak.

Sun opposition Moon in Synastry: In this case the relationships and connection are close. Time passing by, you may experience some storm in your couple. Your relationship is an instant work.

You will face problems time after time and you should prevent the relationships from situations when one wants to dominate over another, to have more control and to limit privacy in some way. You will put lots of energy in fights that are caused by the lack of understanding of desires of each partner. Your temper and passion creates numerous impulses in the relationships, however, most of the time it is exhausting. Both of you will need some personal space once in a while, because you two tend to expand into all fields of each other's life giving no place for wanted loneliness. The most radical relationships is those competitive ones, when everything is counted, you do favor for a favor and always try to be better in order not to feel worse. These relationships need a lot of work from both sides, motivating you two to evolve and progress, though the methods are different. Despite the complication of such connection, the relationships of Sun opposition Moon are very firm and close.

Sun opposition Moon in the Composite Chart: These people are different in too many aspects. They have a polar view on mostly everything, leading them to continuous arguing, bursts of misunderstanding and alienation. However, their mutual magnetism to each other is as strong as the polarity. This type of relationship is characterized by the 'can't breathe without you – can't breathe with you'. They are instantly developing in their relationships, trying to adapt to the news each other bring into everyday life.

Full Moons make our inner emotion surface and emphasize our most sensitive points in the chart. All of a sudden we are in a whirlwind of events though there were no premises for it. But during the full Moon only those things appear that have been disturbing us for a long time, but we had no courage to admit it. If you pay attention to your relationships during the full Moon, you'll notice that the amount of spontaneous arguing or unexpected flow of love appear to be oftener. It doesn't happen all 29-30 days of Moon cycle, but only 24 hours during the peak of the full Moon, when you reveal something new about yourself and partner, when the emotions are pure and you are able to share such moments together.

Full Moons and Relationships in Astrology

full moon, heart

The Full Moon appears every month, to be precise every 29-30 days. Individuals born under full Moon are people who cannot stay alone for a long time. They need a partner, a soul mate.